Jul 8, 2014

The Color Run Hershey Recap and Review

This was another of my several short races in a row I had lined up. This is also my first "fun run" non-conventional race. No timing chip, not really on a road / path and the added element of colored powder flying around. The race as a little more on the "fun", a little less on the "run".

Colorful Running

The Color Run bills itself as the "Happiest 5K on the Planet". It was definitely set up to be all about having some fun and trying things out you might not otherwise do (like a 5K for some). The pre-run area was definitely set up as so. There music, bubbles, colorful backdrops for pictures and even Zumba to help you get warmed up. I was running the race with my sister for her birthday and with two others from back home. The group aspect made it fun. With an even larger group, I could see how it would be even more fun.

Before and after Color Run.
A little before and after coloring.
When it came time to run, there were no corrals. Instead, there was essentially a giant corral that everyone made there way into and then just wait in as they slowly let groups out onto the course. While waiting, there was music, people throwing out free stuff and 2 mic men to keep you dancing and having a good time, so it wasn't all bad. It did feel like it took a while, but in actuality, I have no idea how long it was, because I had on no watch and no phone. My guess was about 20 - 30 minutes until we got to start off.

The course itself was, how do you say, "less than ideal". It was just outside Hershey Park, which was convenient for their parking. However, the course was all just up and down grassy hills. Some were a little steeper than others. For this reason, coupled with the people in the group, we ended up walking most of it, only jogging a couple times. I'd say at least 75% of the people were walking the majority, though they left a path to the left for runners. If you add in some people with bad knees on a grassy downhill slope getting stomped down by 10,000 people, you'll end up going a little slower. Even though we did walk, it didn't really feel slow or dragging.

The color portions were mostly fun. The colors were corn starch and coloring, so when you came out the other end, it would smell a lot like Fritos. Some people were better at distributing the color than others. Usually it was pretty good. We looked forward to it in the group for what would be next. A splash of pink here, so blue over there and a dash of yellow on top.

Unofficial time: ~1:01:00

Post Race Party

The post race party is one of the things that sells this race on people. It's basically a big dance party, with colors flying, music blasting and people dancing. I stayed to the outside and enjoyed the music while my sister jumped into the fray. In addition, they had picture opportunities, food trucks and various sample. My favorite included free KIND bars. I just love them and they were perfect for post race.

Race Review

At the end of the day, I did have a good time. I attribute a lot of that to the company. Looking back, I wasn't overly impressed with the race as a whole. The swag was ok. You got a shirt with a nice design of soft cotton, a wrist band, some stickers and tattoos and an over the shoulder Color Run bag that everything came in. The bag was fairly useful seeming, but I used it for the second time to throw an extra shirt and shoes in for after a recent race and it ripped, so short lived. The lack of any corral instead with one large chute made for a long start. The start area did have more than enough bathrooms and hand washing stations, which was a nice touch. The course was rough: the up and down and the packed grass that I can only imagine would get worse as the day went on. This really took away from the overall grade, and the biggest part that could be easily improved. The party at the end was good, but not really my style.

Race grade: C+

Group after the color run
A colorful ending...

Final Take Away

Did I have a fun time doing it?

Would I do it again?
Maybe, a stretch but depending on the group to do it with.

Is it my "cup of tea"?
Not really.


  1. That was a good idea to bring that bandana. Did you put that over your nose/mouth while running through some of the heavier color portions of the race? I'm not really a color run type of person, but I have been wanting to do one of the runs down at Hershey park. Too bad this race didn't go through the park. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah. I used that for my face to keep from getting too much of it up my nose or anything. My sister has done some of the other races there and enjoys them. They look good and want to try them out too. Running through the park would be more fun.

  2. I've never done one but have always wanted to! I think you're right about going with a fun group of people making all of the difference. Would be fun to do with the kids too!

    1. Yeah. I think at the right age, kids would really enjoy it.

  3. I would agree that the one I did in Hempfield that I could still run and time, as well as get tie-dyed was better. But I think our group made it fun. And the hills were NOT fun. :-)

    1. Yeah, a difference course and probably would have been a lot better. Still not my favorite, but would have been more fun. Now, the ice cream obstacle course was surprisingly fun, but more on that in a later post.