Aug 11, 2014

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend On Sale

It's that time again. No, not free ice cream day. No, not that either. Yes, it's time to register for runDisney. Next on the runDisney sale schedule: Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend. This is a Disneyland event, so, go west young man!
Tinker Bell Half
Tinker Bell weekend was previously held in January, just after Marathon Weekend in Walt Disney World. However, for 2015, Tinker Bell was bumped to May, lining up with Mother's Day. The race weekend includes the kids races, Neverland 5K, Tinker Bell 10K and Tinker Bell Half Marathon. And for those chasing the bling, there will also be the Inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge. Running the 10K on Saturday followed by the Half Marathon on Sunday will earn you that extra piece of hardware.

Pink Coast to Coast
But wait, there's more! If you run both the Princess Half Marathon and Tinker Bell Half Marathon in 2015, you can earn the special pink Coast to Coast Race Challenge Medal. (If you were to then tack on a 3rd half another 2 halves, you could earn the normal Coast to Coast as well. Oh, the bling.)

Registration opens tomorrow, Tuesday August 11 at 12 noon. Races are selling out quick this year, so be ready for some lunch time registering if you want to check this race of in 2015. Let's face it, you know you want to be there.

Who's registering?

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  1. I want to go. I hope I get in! I am doing princess and I am doing the Donald half. Does this mean I will get the pink coast to coast for doing Tink and PHM and I will get the blue coast to coast for doing Donald and Tink?

    1. Yeah. When you do Tink and PHM you get the pink C2C. Then, you just need to tack on another half on either coast to get the regular C2C. Or that was my understanding when they launched the pink C2C last year. When I finally earn my C2C I plan to do it that way, make sure I get those 2 plus a third and get all the bling.

    2. But what if both halves ( phm and Donald) are before Tink? Tink will be my third half for the year.

    3. I'm sorry to say upon further digging, they changed their policy this year. From the runDisney site:

      "To earn two Coast to Coast medals you must participate in the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Princess Half Marathon, and two additional Half Marathons or longer, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast. In total you will finish four Half Marathons or longer in the same calendar year, but two of the races must be the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and Princess Half Marathon."

      Looks like you would need to run one more race on the West coast to get the additional blue C2C.

    4. You do get your choice though:

      "Yes, if you are participating in Walt Disney Marathon Weekend Half Marathon or longer, Tinker Bell Half Marathon, and Princess Half Marathon you will be contacted via e-mail by runDisney as to which medal you would like to receive. If you are participating in this combination you will ONLY be eligible for ONE Coast to Coast medal. If you are only running the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and Princess Half Marathon you will only be eligible for the pink Coast to Coast medal."

  2. That's what I thought! You got my hopes up there for a moment. I think it will be the pink one for me!

    1. Sorry to get your hopes up. That's how it was for this year. Unfortunately looks like they changed the policy for 2015 races.

      I'd choose that one too, since it's more restrictive to get.