Nov 5, 2014

RoadID 15th Anniversary Sale

I previously wrote to you about a product I love. That post was entitled RoadID - You Should Have One Already. Check that post out if you want to see what RoadID is all about. They offer fantastic products all about keeping you safe and giving you peace of mind. Right now is their 15th Anniversary, so they're having a huge sale. IF you didn't listen to my last post and go out and buy one then, there's not better time than now and you get the benefit of a sale.

15 Years of Awesome

My last post concentrated specifically on their RoadID product (it's not just a company name) but they also offer visibility gear and apparel. You can get 20% off their high visibility gear (which includes lights are reflective gear) and up to 75% off apparel. RoadIDs are 25% and you can even grab spare bands or badges for 20%. Don't have a RoadID? Go get one! Have one? Why not get a band in another color or a badge to spice it up a little.

You only have 48 hours for the sale, which is already started, therefore less than 48 hours to get one on sale. Don't wait.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post. I wrote it simply because I truly think everyone should have one and wanted you to be aware of the sale. I also personally bought my own. I am however now a member of their affiliate program, which just means if you click the linkies, they'll know I sent you, and if you buy, I get something back. However, I just care that you go get one. Please be safe out there.

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