Jan 29, 2015

Going to Tri Something New

So, I just took another leap forward in my fitness and running journey. The story is pretty similar to my first half marathon: I knew that I someday wanted to do one, then one day my wife convinced me I should sign up and just do it, then in the course of 24 hours I went from some day to signed up. There is something else that was on that list of "someday I'd like to try it", but saw it as a "maybe next year". Then, I got an email from Katie from Adventures by Katie asking if I'd be interested in a particular event. I looked it up, thought about it, chatted with my wife and before I knew it I again went from someday to signed up.

On May 24th, I will be participating in my first ever triathon.

I will be racing an event put on by an organization I've been mentioned a lot lately, Bristow Tri and Swim. The event is the Salute to the Military Sprint and Youth Triathlon in Warrenton, VA. It looks like a great starter race for me to tackle. It has a 350m swim, a 12.4 mile ride and then a 5K run. I feel like other than the back-to-back-to-back nature of the events, the single part I'll need to concentrate on will be the bike portion, as I haven't used my bike is 2 years or so. I'll also have Katie tackling her first triathlon with me, so it will be easier than going it alone. Much like all the other BRATS events I've participated in, this is a great value as well, individual registration is just $50 right now.

I'm really excited about this. I'll be training for the Rock n Roll DC Half marathon in March, so the extra conditioning in the form of bike riding and swimming will only help. Looking for a good value tri? Thinking of giving a tri a try? Come join Katie and I at this event. It'll be fun with us if nothing else.

Time for these running shoes to have some partners.


  1. Go you! I'm so tempted to hit the register button :)

    1. You know you want to... it's a great price... and so very clickable...

  2. Awesome! I've recently registered for my first sprint tri as well, in Pittsburgh in August. Good luck and have fun with your training!