Nov 6, 2016

Right on the Tight: LEGEND Compression Performance Socks Review | BibRavePro

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As runners, our most important parts are our legs and are feet. Not coincidentally, those are the areas that get the sorest AND also need the most recovery. One thing I've always loved for both are compression socks. So when the opportunity arose to test out a new brand, I'm jumped at the opportunity to sock it up.

Who's the LEGEND?

LEGEND Compression Performance Socks are socks designed to "enhance power and endurance while supporting the shin, ankle, achilles, calf and arch of the foot." Now, in today's running work, a lot of companies make some form of compression sock. Not all socks are created equal. What makes LEGEND Compression Wear different is that the team has pulled from years of experience with medical grade compression products. They've applied that knowledge here to create a graduated compression product.

How do they feel?

I really liked the feeling of these particular socks. I like a good tight compression feeling. When I first received these, they touted them as #rightnottight, which made me wonder if they would be as firm of a compression as I've found I like. I have to say with these, I was not disappointed. They have a good firm compression on my calf muscle, without being overbearing. I also liked the band around the middle of the foot that provide a little bit of compression but also held the sock nicely in place. They offer "15-20 mmHg level of graduated compression", though I don't know exactly what that means, that level of compression feels good in my book.

When selecting my pair, I used their sizing guide, which to me fit true. I'm often on that border between L and XL for socks like this, and XL / XXL for other times, so finding the right fit for me is something I'm used to considering. The large pair fit my feet and calves just right.

I do want to share one little thing that was a welcome change. While the compression was just as tight as others I like, they were significantly easier to get on my foot and over my heal. That is one thing that bothers me so much about these kinds of socks, some are just a trial to get them on your foot, and then back off. This suffered from no such problem while not loosing any compression. Whatever they did, keep doing it.

I gave these a try both out on a run and back around the house for recovery. While I like compression on my longer runs (maybe somewhere after the 5 mile mark I almost always do), I always love compression for recovery. On the run, the were comfortable, the tops stayed up and the bottoms stayed in place. Pretty much everything you want in socks. They also performed just as well for recovery. Where it is from the pounding of a run, the workout of a cross training day, or just too many hours in a car, these socks felt good on my legs and helped them feel better, faster than they otherwise would. Sometimes my wife laughs at me when I'm wearing them around in the evening, but they feel good, so I'm not bothered by it.

The Takeaway

I'm a person that loves compression. That means for good compression, I may like a lot of brands. But I'm also a little more critical of what I'd call "good compression". These definitely fall into that category. Their team's strong background in medical compression technology seems evident in its design, but it is a great runner's product. Comfy, easy to get on, and still a snug fit makes for a great pair of socks in my book. That is precisely what the LEGEN Compression Performance Socks are.


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