Feb 7, 2014

Jeff Galloway 13.1

Jeff Galloway has officially launched his own race. His big announcement was making the inaugural Jeff Galloway 13.1 official. He attends and does so much work with so many other races, it's only fitting he start his own as well.

The race will be this December 14 in Atlanta, Georgia. The course will run through Atlanta's Midtown, Intown and Beltline. For anyone up north, heading down to Georgia in December I can only imagine will be a nice change of weather. One of the interesting things they will have are Official Jeff Galloway Pacing Groups. You can only assume they're be different run walk intervals available.. He'll also be offering a free "to finish" training plan. Not all the information is out yet. For all the details, I suggest checking out the official site, and sign up for email updates.

I wish I could be attending this, but as it is in Atlanta, the combined cost for a race, travel, hotel, etc is out of my range right now.

You can also watch a recording of the the live stream of the announcement below (from YouTube)

Image credit: JeffGalloway.com


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