May 21, 2014

Embracing Me

While my fitness journey involves a weight-loss goal, the goal is not about changing me, but improving myself. There is an important distinction there. The distinction is in being happy with yourself, the core of you. While being happy with yourself can be its own journey, the first step is in "embracing you". I felt like I reached a good step in that this weekend and wanted to share.

I've been in need of a hair cut for probably almost a month now. Mostly through procrastination and forgetfulness, it got that far overdue. Now, an important point of information is that for several years my forehead has been growing, if you catch my drift. A little bit more and more each year. I finally reached the point this weekend where I had my wife just take the clippers to it all and buzz the whole thing down.

Embracing ME!
While I was unsure going into it, I've embraced it and am quite happy with it. I look in the mirror and instead of wondering if it looks bad and how far it has been creeping up as I comb my hair, I just enjoy the short look. I also haven't really stopped rubbing the "fuzzies" on my head, as my daughter puts it. She also likes to ask "Daddy, what happened to all your hair?" and give a little smile. I got a couple of nice compliments at work too, which helped. While I like it short, I don't think I'll ever be a "bic it" kind of guy. I like having my little bit of ginger left.

The important part is I'm embracing me. I'm 30, I've got some extra room on top, and I'm good with that. Frankly, my head is cooler now while running. While I was nervous as my wife trimmed of how it would look, the only thing I'm nervous of now is some sunburn on top. I am a ginger, remember.

How have you embraced yourself? Is there something about yourself you're having trouble embracing?


  1. Personally, I like the hardly any hair look! I have my hubby buzz his on purpose! Good for you for embracing it! And definitely don't forget the sunscreen. My father-in-law is bald and has already had skin cancer taken off the top of his head.

  2. That's all we can ever do is just "embrace" ourselves. it's a good attitude to have. And Just make sure to always wear sunscreen!

  3. A little delayed, but thanks to both of you. And I'm a ginger, so I'm usually pretty good at remembering sunscreen. I need it OFTEN. Haha.