May 31, 2014

Run for Andrew

I wanted to share a memorial 4-mile run coming up this Monday. In my short time running, I've found the running community to be very supportive. That's a wonderful thing. I'm not going to spend time putting my own words for this, but will share directly from the Facebook event:
On June 2nd, a memorial 4-mile run will be held in honor and loving memory of our friend, son, boyfriend, teammate, coach, RA, and everything in between, Andrew Capizzi. The 4-mile loop is part of the former Oktoberfest 4-mile that was held in Ridgewood. The route will start at Ridgewood Running Company and is completely open to anyone of any pace, level, etc.

There is free street parking after 6pm on the streets of Ridgewood.

Spread the word, hope to see you all there!
Thanks for all your help, love and support over this past year. For without it, many of us could not be as strong as we are today.
If you live near Ridgewood, NJ a need a reason to go for a run on Monday, this is it. if you don't live near Ridgewood and need a reason to go for a run, this is still it. I'll be doing my 4 miles from here in Virginia. You don't need to have known Andrew to show your support for those that loved him. Show your fellow runners that we're all there for each other.

If you need a reason to run, Run for Andrew.


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