Dec 14, 2014

FruitBreak VoxBox Review

I recently received a product to try out on my taste buds. I receive a Buddy Fruits FruitBreak from Influenster. The product I received was a fruit pouch, much like the ones my daughter used to always enjoy, only this one is geared towards more than just children. The packets are 100% fruits, so they're very healthy. They're package up as an easy grab-and-go pouch: easy to store, easy to grab, easy to eat. My "squeezie" consisted of blended superfruit with raspberry and cranberry.

How did it taste?

Myself, my wife and my daughter all tried out the pouch. We all thought it tasted pretty good. My wife found the texture to be "different". The first time I had a pouch like this, the texture weirded me out a little. This time, it didn't bother me as much. The flavor was pretty good, but a little tart. It wouldn't be bad as a once and a while snack. To eat pouches often, I think I would need a different flavor. I do have to say the best demonstration on how it was can be shown by the empty scrunched packet at the end.

Final thought

In the end, I enjoyed the pouch. It would be and easy and convenient snack, stores longer than whole fresh fruit and a healthy fuel. I can recommend giving them a try and will consider trying out some of the other flavors as well.

Disclaimer: I was provided the FruitBreak for free to try and review from Influenster, but received no compensation for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, just like they always are.


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