Apr 27, 2015

Walt Disney World Marathon Registration | Magical Mickey

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This week's Magical Mickey post is a bit of a public service announcement. Ok, less of a PSA and more of an FYI. Some important information, if you're considering runDisney. This week I'll be talking about...

Walt Disney World Marathon Registration

If you're an annual passholder, you've already had your day for clicking. If you're like the rest of us, tomorrow is the day where you get the opportunity to register for the biggest runDisney event of the year, Walt Disney World Marathon. On Tuesday, April 28 at noon EST registration for Walt Disney World Marathon weekend opens.

I've written about WDW Marathon weekend on several occasions. You can read a great description about the weekend and all the events on my past post about the runDisney schedule. You can also read my recaps of the 5K and half marathon or read up about the expo. The weekend offers 4 races, 2 challenges and the opportunity to earn 6 medals. That's a lot of hardware: 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, Goofy Challenge and Dopey Challenge. You can also follow up the weekend with a cruise to land the Castaway Cay Challenge. Not to be left out are the little ones, with a wide range of kids races. All the prices (but also add in some fees for Active.com) can be found but clicking on the registration menu on the WDW Marathon page. Sometimes it feels hard to find.

If you don't feel like waiting until tomorrow, you don't have to wait. In fact, you can register right now... in  special case. If you're interested in running the Dopey Challenge, you can take on the Runner's World Challenge. The RW Challenge includes a lot of extra perks to do with your race entry, including a training plan from the Runner's World experts, The Runner's World Complete Book of Running, access to Pasta in the Park, Race Retreat and the weekend breakfast. The registration is open now, and as of my last check, 50% full.

If you're looking to run at Walt Disney World next January, set yourself a reminder. runDisney races have been going a little slower lately, but the big challenges still go quick.

Have your run WDW Marathon weekend? Will you be running at Walt Disney World in 2016?

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  1. I am so sad I can't do WDW marathon weekend-I had such an amazing time last year at Dopey. I am hoping to get back in 2017 and 2018 but we will see. It is so hard with Star wars the next weekend!

    1. Can be hard with the back-to-back like that. You should do 2017. I plan to be there and doing Dopey for the first time. I'll also be bringing a really good time with me.

  2. I'm registered for the 10k and the Half! I did the 10k last year and am excited to add on the half this year!

    1. Very cool! I love the half. Can't wait to do it again. And you'll get double bling now. I'm looking forward to 2017 when I see them all with Dopey.

  3. I know some friends who are doing the runners world challenge! I think that's the way to go!

    1. It looks like a really cool way to do it. A lot of perks, and you get some personal advice with real great people. They need to throw in guaranteed #bartie though to really seal the deal.