May 29, 2015

Five Race Discounts | #FridayFive

Every once and a while we get a Friday to write anything we want. This week's Friday Five linkup topic is just that, a Free Friday. I decided I would use it to share with you. What am I going to share with you, well this week's topic is

Five Race Discounts

1. Runner's World Half & Festival (Oct 17 - 18)

I start first with a race I am running. Well, a race weekend where I'm #RUNALLTHERACES. I'm sure you've heard of a little thing called Runner's World? A well kept secret in the running community. Well, they hold their own race weekend every year, and if you want to run, you can save $5 off any of the distances (except for trail run). Just use the code BibRavePromo before July 14 and you can save. You can run the 5K, 10K, half marathon, or even run all three like me as part of the Runner's World Hat Trick. Want to bring the kids along? There's a race for them. How about your furry kid? They've got a 1-Mile Dog Run. Don't like the roads? Run their first Altra 3.8 Mile Trail Run. Oh yeah, don't forget all the amazing seminars, pasta dinner with the editors, and Bart Yasso

Go register.

2. Back on My Feet LA - Foothill 5K (July 18, 2015)

Let's jump across the coast for our next savings, the Back on My Feet LA Foothill 5K Challenge. This race has you tackle the San Gabriel foothills, on a course that promises the "spectacular 360 degree views of the San Gabriel Mountains". Sounds awesome to me. And know what else is awesome? Saving 15% with the code BIBRAVE.

Go sign up now.

3. Angel Fire Adventure (July 4, 2015)

How about something brand new? You can join in the inaugural Angel Fire Adventure races in Angel Fire New Mexico. They're offering a full marathon, half marathon and 5K. The pictures on their site look absolutely gorgeous, so it looks like you'll have a beautiful run. So be a trend setter, run the inaugural run, and save 20% with the code AFABIB20 right up until the day before the race.

Go get registered.

4. Terrapin 5K (July 2, 2015)

For my next choice, I'm sharing this race because the code gives you something different. It won't save you money on the race, but it will give you a chance at something more. At the Terrapin 5K in Chicago, if you use the code BibRaveShoes when registering, you will be entered into a drawing for a year of free shoes! Yes, that's right, win lots and lots of shoes. This Grateful Dead centric race is having its final running, so go have a good time on last time, and maybe walk away a big winner.

Go register now.

5. Honolulu Marathon

Last, let's go somewhere tropical. How about a get away to Hawaii? Use the excuse of "it's a race weekend" and go run the Honolulu Marathon. I don't think I really need to tell you why to run this one. I mean, it's in Hawaii, it's the fourth largest marathon in the US, and there is no time limit. Why not sign up and book that trip for a December get away to the beautiful island of Hawaii. You can save 20% off the race with either the code TOMPRO or KRISPRO, your choice.

Go get tan and sign up.

Can't do these?

None of these races fit your schedule or location? Check out my Discounts Page for more savings. All of the codes there currently came from BibRave. I try to keep it up to date as we get more discount codes from the BibRavePro program to share. And speaking of BibRavePro, if you'd like to become one, go check out the application now, and tell them I sent you.

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  1. I love race discounts! I really want to run the Honolulu Marathon someday....when I can afford to get out there!

    1. Me too. It's on my list when I can afford to take the whole family out there and do a two birds / one stone deal.

  2. I love discounts. My sister ran the Runner's World the other yr and she said it was a great race. That would be the closest race for us. However Honolulu is surely a dream race of mine.

    1. Yeah. Honolulu is a big bucket list one for me, but so looking forward to RW this fall.

  3. Nice idea for a post - thanks for sharing the discounts!

  4. All these races sound fun! I wish I could do the RW festival. It would be great to get to hear all the speakers and meet the running "legends" who will be there.

  5. i am 95% sure i'm doing runner's world (the 10k) so i might see you there!

  6. I really would like to run Honolulu and RW one day!

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