Jun 12, 2015

Five Summer Activities I "Love" | #FridayFive

This week for the linkup, I couldn't decide between two lists. This week's Friday Five linkup topic is of summer, and your favorite activities. I first wrote one post on five summer activities I love. Then, I couldn't fall asleep, and my brain wrote another list. My sarcastic side may have slipped out a little on this one.

Five Summer Activities I "Love"

1. Using 10 gallons of sunscreen or being burnt to a crisp

There's nothing us red heads love more then lathering up in SPF Ginger any time we have to go outside. Amusement park? Break out the bottle. Beach or pool? Better make it two. Getting the mail? At least do your face and arms...

2. Lounging around in 99%  humidity

I just love the humidity. Nothing like weather that feels 20 degrees hotter than the already too hot. After dark? Well the sun may be gone, but still feels like triple digits, just without the benefit of sight.

3. Car hotboxes

Nothing like getting into the oven of your car all summer long. You have two choices, roll down windows to help the in car heat escape but then trade that for letting the 99.99% humidity in or you can leave it trapped and pray the AC cools the car down before you pass out. Really, option two is like a game anyway, so do that.

4. Eating an ice cream cone in 3.2 seconds

Nothing is more refreshing than a nice ice cream cone and nothing is quite like the challenge of trying to eat it before it becomes cream soup. Of course then you drink the rest straight out of the bottom of the cone, so is it really a loss?

5. Being a feast for nature

Lastly, in summer you can be at one with nature. Yes, it's the time of the lovely little mosquito. Flying around, annoying your eyes, your ears, your nose to only just land on your arm and give you a kiss. Well, I guess it's more of a bite, but biting is just like kissing with a winner. Or maybe not your arm but your leg. Or your ankle right by the edge of your shoe so it constantly itches but you just can't seem to scratch it. But wait, there's more. You can always then paint the bites with the pink stuff all over you, so it's like an artistic form of expression.

Want some more?

Ok, maybe more than a little of my sarcastic side came out. But if you want to read about some summer activities I actually enjoy, read my other post, Five Summer Activities I Love. Note, the slight differences in titles.

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  1. Cute post! I do like your sense of humor. It's a sweaty one out there today stay cool :)

    1. Thanks. It was a sweaty one last night. Stayed way too humid for my run. Today I plan to stay inside and look at the sun via a window.

  2. Haha this is great! Love when you have the sarcastic posts. Can't wait for salt layers to form on my skin + sweaty drip of sunscreen (waterproof...sure)

    1. Ah yes, can't believe I forgot the #1 and #2 in sweaty sunscreen in the eyes!

  3. Funny! I agree with all of these. I'm blonde instead of red, but have that pale skin that burns in about 2 seconds. Booooooo.

    1. That's my daughter. Ended up blonde but got Daddy's pale and very burnable skin.

  4. Ha ha ! Very funny and oh so true ! Have a great weekend.

  5. HaHa! Love this, and hate the humidity! We've had some nasty days here in the DC area this week.

    1. I said to my wife yesterday, we're having the Florida heat and humidity just without the benefit of being in Florida.