Jun 12, 2015

Five Summer Activities I Love | #FridayFive

This week, I'm of course linking up with the lovely DC Trifecta for the Friday Five linkup. This week's Friday Five linkup topic is of summer, and your favorite activities. There is so much to enjoy about summer, but I was able to narrow the list to five, though the list is not exhaustive.

Five Summer Activities I Love

1. Ice Cold Drinks

I decided to start the list off simple. Nothing quite as good as an ice cold drink on a hot day. There are plenty of choices here: ice tea, Arnold palmer (the drink, not the golfer on ice), Nuun, beer, frozen blender drinks, you get the picture here. Have a seat in the shade, an ice cold drink next to you with a bead or two of condensation rolling down the glass, and enjoy your moment in a TV commercial setting.

2. Boardwalk

Nothing says summer like the beach. I love the sand, I love the water, but know what else is great? A nice boardwalk. I grew up going to Rehobeth Beach, and while there was more sand when I was there, they also had a great boardwalk (or great boardwalk to kid me). There were tons of little shops, a carnival area with games and rides, and even a building with minigolf on the roof. I still love a walk down a boardwalk in the evening, waves rolling in the background. Very relaxing.

3. Watching Fireflies

For the third, we'll move into the night time. Maybe it's less an "activity" but I love seeing fireflies out at night. Just invokes that summer time sitting on the back porch kind of memory. As a kid it was so fun to run and try and catch them. As an adult, it's just nice to look at and maybe soon my daughter will be chasing them down soon.

4. Drive In Movie

Next is an item from growing up I always enjoyed. Every weekend you could go by Haars Drive In, and catch two movies for the price of one. You park the car, put out a blanket or some chairs in front of the car, a cooler of drinks, bag of snacks and enjoy the show. It was always such a good time. The drive in at my hometown is still open. In fact, they have Jurassic World and Furious 7 playing, if you happen to be near Dillsburg PA and want to catch some movies. See them both for $8.00

5. S'mores

Last, we're going to stay with a predominently (though not exclusively) night time activity: S'mores! Put a marshmallow on a stick, hold it over the fire, lightly toasted (not flaming, sorry all you charred marshmallow people), then place it with your graham and your chocolate. So tasty and comes with a side of sitting around a fire. Being an Eagle Scout, I also love a good campfire or fire pit as well.

Want some more?

I was in an odd mood last night when writing these, so a sarcastic side came out as well. So why not go see Five Summer Activities I "Love".

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I love cold beverages, too, John; I definitely enjoy a cold beer more in the summer than I do any other time of year. I tend to be a wine drinker during other times of the year but, in the summer? It just doesn't cut it. :) I'm so jealous that your local drive in movie theater is still open; what a treat! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hard to beat a cold beer in summer time. Yeah, it's cool that it's somehow remained open all this time. Fun way to go see a movie.

  2. Rehoboth still has that rooftop mini-golf - or it did 2 years ago. Did you go when you could actually go UNDER the boardwalk?

    1. When I was a kid I think I remember that. Last time I was there they did still have the mini golf too (but that was more than 2 years ago) but it was sad how small the beach seemed due to the erosion.