Jun 16, 2015

MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle Review | BibRavePro

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I recently got another product to check out as part of the BibRavePro program. I have to say, I love the feel and design of this product. It's unique, it's useful, and it looks good. I'd like to share with you my experience with

MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle

A very important part of running and staying active is hydration. As we get here into summer, it becomes even more vital for your health and safety in the heat and humidity. What do you need for that? A good water bottle. No, you need a great water bottle. Good water bottle ends up on the shelf stacked with all the other bottles that you pull out when your favorite bottles are dirty sitting next to the sink. Another important part of running, one that I personally have long overlooked is rolling. Not down the hill in grass but rolling with a foam roller. What about a product that can give you both, in a well designed package. Enter MOBOT.

What is MOBOT?

MOBOT calls itself the "World's First Eco Friendly Travel Foam Roller Water Bottle". They also have the goods to back it up. The bottle is BPA free and made from the "highest quality, food-grade stainless steel". The bottle is surrounded with EVA foam, which is heat-pressed directly onto the bottle. This is great because it will endure all your rocking and rolling, staying in place and keep looking good. The foam comes in a variety of colors. I received the Adams Ale, which is black, perfect if you want something that will blend in a little more. If you want to stand out, the have colors for that, such as Juicy Bot or The BOSS. Even the packaging is great. I appreciate good design, even down to the box. It is made from recycled and recyclable materials, and all the packaging is compostable. All of it.

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How is it as a water bottle?

There's two purposes of the MOBOT, a water bottle and a foam roller. As a water bottle, it works great. They have 3 size options: 18 oz, 27 oz, and the mother Big Bertha 40 oz bottle, which I was provided. As previously mentioned, the bottle is stainless steel. The top offers a silent sip straw, which is easy to drink from. It's easy to pick up and drink quickly and then it flip the straw shut again. They even include a second top, though only one straw to go with it. The bottles all provide ample liquid, especially the 40 oz (that's 2 1/2 tabs of Nuun). You're not going to carry it with you on a run, but you'll have plenty for after or with you at the gym. The top's wide enough to easily drop in ice, to keep it extra cold. And speaking of cold, the EVA foam for the roller also acts as great insulation.

How is it as a foam roller?

The second purpose of the MOBOT is as a foam roller. For this, it serves it's purpose well. The stainless steel bottle is plenty thick, holding up to me no problem, and we'll just say I'm not a tiny guy. They even say it can "withstand the weight of a pro wrestler after a cheat day." The EVA foam does not budge, so the "heat pressing" clearly works. The foam has sections of ridges going horizontal and then vertical. They have a video of the basic rolling techniques for various areas using the bottles, which match up to any other general foam rolling techniques.

I first used the bottle after a 4 mile run in some wicked humidity, and it was fantastic. I mostly worked on my legs, though tried out several of the other techniques. It was a wonderful feeling on my legs. So much so that I'm inclined to, and have, used it even when I haven't been running on my legs. If you don't foam roll, you should.

The Takeaway

There's two purposes of the MOBOT, a water bottle and a foam roller. Sometimes products try to be a jack-of-all-trades and end up a master of none. That is not the case here. This is both a fantastic water bottle and a fantastic sturdy foam roller. It also passed my two durability tests: my 3 1/2 year old and my 11 month old. If it can handle them, then it's build tough. It's a great all around product.

My summary?
Roll on and stay hydrated. 
Want one of your own? Check out their site Mobot Nation or their Indiegogo campaign with a lot of great options.


Another exciting part of the partnership with MOBOT? They're going to be the sponsor of this week's BibChat, on Tuesday June 15th at 8:00pm CDT. We'll be talking about "Running on the Go" and they'll be giving away bottles to 3 participants! Stop on by and join in the craziness and fun that is #bibchat.


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