Aug 25, 2017

Five Reasons to Run the Clarendon Day Run | Friday Five | BibRavePro

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I'm pretty excited for an upcoming race on my schedule. It's got a bit of fun with a dash of challenge. I thought I'd take this chance to join in on the Friday Five 2.0 linkup to give you five reasons you should join me at the Clarendon Day Run.

1. Choice of distance 👟

The Clarendon Day Run consists of the choice of distances. They offer a 10K, a 5K, and even a Kids Dash for the little ones. There are medals for all finishers, but it's unclear on their site if that includes the kids or not.

2. Take on a Challenge 🏅

You also have the option to take on the popular Double Challenge. This involves running the 5K first then making your way back to the start line for the 10K. This is the option I'm going for, but I'm hoping to be fast enough as part of the challenge is you also need to get back to the start line before the 10K starts. There is even a special double challenge medal, though looks like its limited to the first 500 registrants, so sign up now! (but see #5 before you do)

3. Part of day of festivities 🎉

The Clarendon Day Run is part of a larger Clarendon Day festival. So come enjoy the festival the day before, and then race on Sunday. Of course, even if you can make the festival on Saturday, they're still throwing their own post-race party and an (adult) beverage ticket is included with your registration.

4. Downhill courses 📉

Both of the courses are known for being fast and thats because they're downhill. I've included the elevation below from the Pacers Running site. As you can see, that's a graph we always love to see. I must warn you of one thing, if you want to do the challenge the end of the 5K is about a mile back to the start line, back up hill, so thats a part of the challenge.

5. Save Money 💰

Who doesn't like to save money? Want to run the 5K, the 10K, or the double? Register now and use the code 17cdrBibRave to save $5 on your entry.

There's my five reasons. If you're in the DMV, I hope you consider coming out to run with me. I'd love the company. I plan to try and run the challenge, but I'm mostly running for my enjoyment.

Now that you've read my five, go check out Fairytales and Fitness "My 5 Races" and Running on Happy "Training is Tough Runfessions" since they host the linkup, and then you can see all the other great bloggers participating!

Aug 20, 2017

Cap it Off: BUFF® Pack Run Cap | BibRavePro

Disclaimer: I received the BUFF® Pack Run Cap to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

My favorite piece of gear of the summer months has always been the UV Multifunctional Headband, formerly the UV Half BUFF®, ever since I first reviewed it here for you. It keeps the sweat off my face, protects me from the sun, and is very versatile. The latest product I've been give to test is the BUFF® Pack Run Cap. It looks like they've packed all that multifunctional goodness into a runner's cap package.

What's special about the cap?

The cap is lightweight and breathable, but it is also packable. By packable, I mean you can throw it in your bag, it can smash up and come back out and straight onto your head. I'll give you all the description, straight from their site:
Ultralight and ultra smart, the BUFF® Pack Run Cap is built to go the distance. Super streamlined, exceptionally light and highly compressible, it’s comfortable for the long-haul, but can easily be folded and rolled to stash in a pocket. The four panel design and stretch materials hug the head for a secure fit that doesn’t bind, while a low profile sweatband provides moisture control without added bulk, and the polyester materials wick away perspiration. The crushable polyurethane brim snaps back to shape and combines with the UPF protective materials for sun protection on long races and extended training days.
The material of the cap is very lightweight and has a bit of stretch to it, giving it a very comfortable fit. There's also a small drawstring on the back so you can get it just to the right snugness.

How does it work?

The cap is another great pice of gear from BUFF®. I already mentioned how lightweight and comfortable it is. I took it for run in some hot and humid summer runs. Now, it's not been a hot as it usually is this time of year, but it was still August and still humid. I'm a guy who sweats. Despite the miles and the humidity, the hat kept all the sweat off my face. It never felt too hot on top of my head, which is always my worry for summer running gear. With hats in particular, they always get too warm for me. It my testing so far, I've not hit that wall with this cap. While it did work well, it did need a hang dry afterwards, but I see that as a sign of a good work out.

As far as it's packability, it works as described. Scrunch it, stuff it, throw it in your bag and it still came back out ready to go. Frankly, there's nothing overly firm about it, so nothing to get messed up. The brim seems to keep its shape well. The UV protection seems to work well. Nothing overly scientific about it, but I wore it when I ran and the top of my head did not get burnt.

The Takeaway

The cap works great. I'm a big fan of it. I like running visors, but my head not full of hair can't handle them without getting crispy. Most running hats are just too hot on my head. This cap gives me all I love about BUFF® in a hat form. I also hate throwing hats in bags for fear of them coming out with a lopsided brim, but the Pack Run Cap doesn't suffer that problem. It's super lightweight, comfortable, portable, and delivers everything I expect from a BUFF® product.


This week's #bibchat will feature BUFF and the Pack Run Cap. Stop by on Tuesday, August 22nd at 9pm EST to join in the good times that is bibchat. Interact with the BUFF® team, with other BibRavePros, and all the other like minded runners that participate each week. You can plan on a giveaway with bibchat, as always, so there's always that added bonus.

What do you wear to run?