I've been wanting to get in shape for a long time. Not just healthier and a couple pounds off, but really in shape. A large transformation. Before my wedding, I got about half way there. Unfortunately afterwards, I just hung out where I was, and then eventually jumped back up, slightly above where I started. I started this blog as a way to track my progress getting in shape. I figured, if I forced myself to write about what I've done well and what I've done poorly, it would help me to evaluate how I'm doing and help keep the well list longer than the poor list. I also felt that by making writing to the blog as part of the routine would help the overall fitness routine set in better. I try to eat healthy and do an ok job of it. My biggest problem as far as eating is in the snacking / cheating department. But like I said, I do pretty good on a normal basis.  One of my greatest challenges in getting is shape has always been being active enough and getting into the routine. This blog, I hope, will help on both accounts.

I wanted to get active. It was a new year, I started a new job, we moved past some past mistakes. It felt like a good time to try and hit reset and move forward. With my new work came a pretty good onsite gym. My goal was simple, to start by coming in early twice a week and get to the gym to get healthier. I figured I'd start with what worked well before the wedding, running on the elliptical. It's good cardio and less impact, so I "enjoy" it. Sounds like a solid enough plan, right?

And then, something happened. My wife proposed an idea, that she knew I had thought of before, and wanted to help push me into doing it. I went from one day just trying to get to the gym twice a week to lose some pounds to running a half marathon. In the words of Ron Burgundy
Boy, that escalated quickly.
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
The important part is it's not just any half marathon. It's the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. My wife and I are both huge Disney fans. We both were long before we ever knew each other existed. One thing that I've discussed off and on is about wanting to someday do one of the Disney races. I always saw it as a someday after I'm in shape, then someday I'll start training and eventually someday I'll run one. That someday seemed like it would never really come. I put it off as one of those bucket list ideas I'd likely never get to, but would wish I could do. But that thought wasn't good enough for Steph. She wanted to help push me. So she set up a little side conversation with a friend Dave about taking a trip in January, concocting a plan that would give me a running partner to help me training and keep me honest, and someone who would be depending on me for the trip, therefore making it more locked in. And wouldn't you know, now I'm running a 5K and half marathon in January, and he's being Dopey Dave, running the 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon on 4 consecutive days.

So this blog has evolved into something more. It's now not just about getting in shape, but my push to complete the Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon. You can follow my progress here (and Dave's over there). Along the way, I plan to run many other races but saving the half for Florida. I will also still be looking at getting in shape, and hopefully have that transformation I've wanted for so long. Instead of concentrating on the pounds I want to lose, I hope concentrating on this goal will allow me to lose them without all the worrying. It will undoubtably be an interesting journey, likely with both ups and downs (and not just the hills I'll be running on), but it will be for the better and will result in Disney, so that always makes it worth it.

And most importantly... thanks hun.


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