Jun 17, 2016

Favorite Summer Running Gear | #FridayFive

It's Friday in the summer, which means hopefully sunshine, cool drinks, and the Friday Five linkup. This week's topic is favorites, so I thought I pair it with summer. I've had a bit of a dry spell, but I'm stepping back up my running, and doing so in summer goes better with the right gear. So this week, I'm going to share with you 5 of my favorite summer running gear.

1. Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel Hydration Pack

I'm going to start with one of the most important things for running in the summer: hydration. It's hot out there and you're going to sweat. To perform your best, you need to get that hydration back into you. You don't want to wait until the end, especially on your long runs. My personal favorite solution for hydration on the go in the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel Hydration Pack. I know that's a mouthful, but that's technically the full name. I love if for the comfort of the pack, the convenience of the pockets, and the amount of hydration it carries in its two bottles. I've reviewed several other hydration packs, including the original HydraQuiver and the HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1. The most important thing is having hydration when you need it.

2. Nuun

Going along with #1 is my hydration of choice: Nuun Active Hydration. It steps your water up a notch with electrolytes, clean ingredients, and is low in sugar and calories. Not only that, it is both gluten-free and vegan, if that's something you need. I also love Nuun Energy, which adds caffeine and B-vitamins, and Plus for Nuun, which can add a unique blend of carbohydrates to help fuel you on your long runs (full write up).

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3. UV Half BUFF

The sun's out in full effect in summer. To me that means two things: sweating (see #1) and sun burn. There's one product that can help with both. I LOVE the UV Half BUFF (review). It's great for keeping the sweat off of my face, which is a huge bother to me otherwise. Second, it protects my ginger head from the sun. That's a real problem you don't want to find out about in the wrong way. I've had that happen with a visor before, and it is tough.

4. Shades

You might notice a recurring theme here: the sun. It really affects what is my favorite gear. #4 on the list is no different. I've protected the top of my head with my UV Half BUFF, but you also need to protect your eyes. Enter the sunglasses. This really goes for all the time, not just when I'm running. I've had the awesome opportunity to test out a couple of pairs: XX2i France1, XX2i USA1, and the Rudy Rydon Carbonium. It's really hard to pick a favorite, and they all get some wear time. I mean, my Rudy transition in the sun for me, the France1 comes with multiple lenses, and the USA1 is a great look. Just wear something that will protect your eyes and make you look good.

Find something you like from XX2i? You can currently save 50% (yes, half off) with the code XX2iRocks

5. Bluetooth Headphones

Lastly, what's summer without some summer jams? Just like #4, this really doesn't need to be limited to running. I love my music, and I highly recommend dropping the cord. My two personal favorite headphones are the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Wireless Headphones and the Plantronics BackBeat FIT headphones. My Plantronics are my goto for great sound quality. Not only do they sound fantastic, but they're comfortable and have a great battery life. My AfterShokz have become my goto running headphones, because of their safety factor. They use bone conduction technology, so you hear your music while still being open ear to the environment. It's hard to find that kind of combination that just makes you feel safe while keeping your music playing.

What's your favorite summertime gear?

Secret to my gear

What to know a secret to a lot of the gear I've listed above? If you look at a lot of those reviews, you'll notice a pattern: I received a lot of gear to test as a BibRavePro. It's been an amazing opportunity and group to be a part of. I've discovered some brands that I had previously not known and are now among my favorites. You too can become a BibRavePro. Apply today!

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