Aug 9, 2015

Beat the Heat: UV Half Buff Review & Discount | BibRavePro

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If you've been following my social media, you've seen pictures of me testing my latest product from the BibRave Pro program, the UV Half Buff. I've used a lot of different products to keep the sweat out of my face, because it's important to me and bothers me, so this product is one that is simple but important to me as a runner. I've given it a thorough work over, and am here to share my thoughts (which are my own).

Beat the Heat: UV Half Buff Review & Discount

Let's start with what a Buff is. A Buff is a tubular piece of sweat wicking, multifunctional fabric. The particular version we're looking at is the UV Half Buff. The "UV" is for the sun protection provided by the fabric, blocking 95% of UV radiation. The "Half" is because it is half the size of the original Buff.

So, how do you wear it?

There are many ways to wear the Half Buff. I've demonstrated several ways on my run. While I could demonstrate them myself, I thought I'd use a model I had handy to demonstrate.

Ok, I'll admit. My choice of model may have been influenced by taking my daughter to Bronycon this weekend.

How well does it work?

I received my Buff early, so I had plenty of time to test it out. I took it on a ton of runs with me. The primarily way I wore it was around my head, in a sort of hairband style, since that was the way I found I liked most. This way had several benefits: it kept the sweat off my entire face, it protected my forehead and portion of my head from the sun, all while still letting the heat off my head.

I tried out some other ways to wear it, including on my wrist to wipe the sweat. One way that is perfect for a hot day, fellow BibRavePro Jeremy suggests. Take the Buff, soak it in cold water, and wear it around your neck. On an especially hot day, throw in some ice cubes.

I gave the Buff a lot of runs and it stood up to all of them: late evening humidity, early morning sun, 9 miles at the beach. Each and every one of them, my whole face stayed sweat free.

The Takeaway

So what's the final takeaway? The Buff works fantastic for me. It kept a fantastic amount of sweat off my face without making my head hot. It's just what I need for the humid summer time runnings. The UV protection is also perfect for a redhead like me, but important to all. The Buff helps you beat the heat, beat the sun, and therefore beat your run!


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  1. I have something similar but had no idea there were so many ways to wear it. Love your

    1. Oh yeah. If you have the full buff (which I have something similar) there are even more things you can do with the more fabric.

  2. Love Love LOVE this! (although you stole my title! :P jk. Still love it!)

    1. Steal is so harsh. Inspired is the work ;-)

      and I see no ponies in your post