Sep 20, 2015

More Buff For You: Full Buff Review | BibRavePro

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I first got the chance to review the UV Half Buff through the BibRavePro program. You can read the full review (and please do) but it remains to be one of my favorite pieces of gear for running. As you may have seen on my social media, I now have a follow up piece of gear, the Full Buff. I've given it a work over with many work outs, and am here to share my thoughts (which are my own).

More Buff For You: Full Buff Review

Let's start again with what a Buff is. A Buff is a tubular piece of sweat wicking, multifunctional fabric. The particular version we're looking at is the UV Buff or the Original Buff. The "UV" is for the sun protection provided by the fabric, blocking 95% of UV radiation. It's made with COOLMAX® Extreme fabric to wick the sweat and keep you cool as well as Polygiene® Active Odor Control to neutralize that odor it's wicking away.

So, how do you wear it?

Like the Half Buff, there are many ways to wear the Full Buff. In fact, there are even more ways, which frankly, given it's twice as much fabric, you should have seen coming. I tested out a couple of the different ways on my run. There are a lot to demonstrate, so I'll throw out a couple here, then jump to the end for more pictures. I of course enlisted the help of my models, because they just look so darn good.

How well does it work?

I received my Buff with plenty of time to test it out. I jumped between some different ways to wear it. I'm not sure if I have a favorite way yet. The headband / hairband style was nice but a little warm for me personally in the end of summer heat. I think all the additional fabric in the same amount of space was the reason. I really enjoyed the Sahariane. It wasn't as warm as I expected it to be covering my whole head (I'll assume the COOLMAX® has something to do with that). It was also nice at keeping the sun mostly on my neck. They only down point was in covering my neck, it also blocked the occasional breeze from my neck, but that was worth the sun trade off.

There are a lot of ways to wear that aren't as practical for the warm weather (I'm looking at you hood, balaclava, cap, and face mask). I am looking really forward to trying them in the winter. The neck gaitor worked for keeping the sun off and the "soaking in cool water" trick, but will be great in the winter as well (minus the cold water).

While the Buff worked well for me in the sun, I have a feeling the UV Half Buff will be my more likely goto in hot time. I will still use it when I want to use a style like the Sahariane to cover my head and neck, but I feel more runs will see my half. I do however feel this will become my goto once the weather cools off, so look for more use this winter.

The Takeaway

So what's the final takeaway? The Buff worked great. It's a very versatile produce with many uses. It kept a fantastic amount of sweat off my face without making my head too hot. It was great at wicking the sweat away. The UV protection is also perfect for a redhead like me, great for my head and my neck. I feel I'll really get a lot of use out of it in the coming cooler days. The UV Buff gives you more Buff for you, and more Buff for your run!


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As promised, MORE PICTURES!


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