Jul 2, 2013

Monthly Roundup: June

The month of June is complete. It's already halfway through the year, 3 months into training and just completed week 11 of my half marathon training plan. The weather is warming up, but I'm trying to still train strong.


Call Miss Utility
Call Miss Utility
I had good month of training. Like all, it had its ups and downs. I missed 3 training sessions, one of which was an 8 mile run. I was bummed after missing that one and not getting my run in. I did bounce back two weeks later, with my longest run to date, a 9.5 mile run. I tried to shift more of my running to outside instead of in the gym on the elliptical while the weather's nice. My training included over 30 miles on the road running. In June, I also set my best average monthly pace: 14:18.


June did not come with any races. I'd like to run one every month, but time doesn't always allow for it. June held a lot of traveling, so the weekends were spent in various places, not conducive to running. I currently don't have any scheduled for July, but you never know if that will change or not.

Some Monthly Stats

Avg Pace: June
Geeky stats time for the month of June.

Total Distance on the Pavement: 30.35 miles
Average Pavement Pace: 14:18 min / mile
Best Pavement Pace: 12:52 min / mile
Best Split: 12:37 min

Total Distance in the Gym: 2.50 miles
Average Pace in the Gym: 7:04 min / mile
Best Pace in the Gym: 7:04 min / mile

What's Next?

Next month is July. It'll likely be a hot one. I'm going to try and keep up my running outside instead of in the gym while I can. I'm not looking forward to when the winter months roll around. July will have an 11 mile and a 12.5 mile runs. It'll be tough, but good. I'm also going to try and push myself and work hard on losing weight. That is one area I've been struggling with. I'm going to keep myself more accountable and strict. 

What will July hold? More work, more progress, more success.


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