Jul 21, 2013

Weekly Roundup: July 21st

This week became an off week given a bunch of unrelated items to my training. I've been having trouble being really tired since my CPAP machine died and have been fighting with the medical equipment company getting it filled. Just them taking their damn time and never following up with stuff themselves.


Sunday, July 7: Rest

Monday, July 8: Rest

Tuesday, July 9: Kinect: Your Shape Fitness

Summary: I missed my maintenance run on Tuesday. My wife had to be to work early, so I took Sam to daycare, so I couldn't get my run in like I normally did. I intended on running after Sam went to bed, but remembered that 3/4 of the way through dinner. And unfortunately what I was eating wouldn't go well with a run in the humidity. So, to have something instead of nothing, I did some kinect. I did a half hour of Your Shape Fitness, and got a pretty good workout in. Not the same as a run, but stuff that got a sweat working, knee lifts, squats, etc.

Wednesday, July 10: Rest

Thursday, July 11: Off

Friday, July 12: Rest

Saturday, July 13: Off Distance Run


I've been doing good this week on my healthy eating. I used to turn down the points more than what they give me, because it seemed like such a high number, and I could eat bad for me things without penalty. They calculate them based on your weight, so each week when you weigh in, it gives you a new number. I was too lazy to turn in back down some again the last time so I left it. I've actually done pretty good by the plan this way. This past week, I never exceeded the daily points I was given, never needing to touch the extra weekly points you get that allow you to indulge on occasion. So with that, I call that a success. I also lost some weight, but we're unsure if our scale is accurate (at least in its current placement) because my wife was 10 lbs less at the doctors office than at home, and one would assume their scale more accurate.

Thoughts on the Week

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took this week off, given everything that was going on. I'll be getting back into it this week. I need to get back into training in force. Time to pick it up.


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