Jul 28, 2013

Weekly Roundup: July 28th

I can't believe July is almost over. It has flown by. I finally got a new CPAP machine, so things have started to right themselves. I've started getting some more sleep, better sleep. With that in mind, I resumed training this week. It started well, but tapered to end the week.


Sunday, July 22: Rest

Monday, July 23: Rest

Tuesday, July 24: Maintenance Run
Endomondo stats
Where: Outside
Distance: 2.57 miles
Time: 39:41
Average Pace: 15:27 min / mile

Summary: I tried something a little different with this maintenance run. I was feeling really good at the start, so I kept going. I ran the first mile at a jog with no walk break. This may not sound like much, but since beginning my training plan, I have done the run / walk ratio on every run. I took this first mile without breaks, at a slower pace than my run intervals, but still jogging. As I went up the hill, my legs really called for a break but I pushed through. My first mile was at a 13:39 pace. While I've run faster splits, this one felt good to do. It may not have been a blazing pace, but frankly, it's faster than I used to run a mile during gym class, so no reason to not be happy with that.

Wednesday, July 25: Rest

Thursday, July 26: Rest

Friday, July 27: Maintenance Run
Where: Outside
Distance: ~2.42 miles
Time: 34:56
Average Pace: 14:26 min / mile

Summary: I pushed my second run to Friday night, after not running on Thursday. I didn't want to miss my run. I had a good 35 minute run, but after just 0.4 miles, my GPS was lost and never came by. I played with the route builder on Endomondo to get the estimated 2.42 miles. The run felt good. Not too hot. Relaxing.

Saturday, July 28: Rest


I did a pretty good job on my food again this week. I did go over my daily target of points on several days by a little, but I didn't use up all my weekly points or any of my earned activity points, so I was well within my set parameters. In addition, I've lost 4.4 pounds since starting this blog and trying to get healthy, so it has been helping. I have a long way to go, but it is definitely going in the right direction.

Thoughts on the Week

While not a perfect week, I got started by into my training. Not noted on here because of the way the days fall is that I missed my weekend run that I pushed to Sunday night. I planned to run after putting Sam to bed, but instead my wife and I sat down to watch a movie right away to squeeze it in before bed (2 hour long movie) and I never made it outside. This week I need to pick it up because I have a 14 mile run on the weekend. I'm not confident going into it, but I will give it my all.


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