Sep 15, 2013

Weekly Roundup: September 15th

Clearwater, Florida
Not a bad view for work.
Wouldn't have been a bad place to run either.
This week ended up with some misses. Unfortunately that meant failing my goal of no missed sessions. This week I had some travel for work to Florida and unfortunately I let myself convince myself to sleep in instead of getting up early. I gave myself various excuses in my head at the time, justifying it, but in the end I chose sleep over running, so noone to blame but myself.


Weekly Total:
Miles: 2.41 miles
Time: 33:57

Sunday, September 8: Rest

Monday, September 9: Rest

Tuesday, September 10: Maintenance Run
Where: Outside
Distance: 2.41 miles
Time: 33:57
Average Pace: 14:05 min / mile

Summary: This run went well. It was a good send off before flying to Florida that evening. I felt good running, took it easier but still put in a 14 min pace. I had a shorter run, knowing I was going to work all day then have to travel to Florida in the evening, I didn't want to over tire myself or be sore for flying.

Wednesday, September 11: Rest

Thursday, September 12: Missed Maintenance Run

Friday, September 13: Rest

Saturday, September 14: Missed Distance Run


With the traveling, my eating wasn't as good as usual. I pack a very healthy, low points lunches for myself most days. With traveling, my lunch options and choices were limited. I tried to pick healthier options when available, but it was definitely far from perfect.

Thoughts on the Week

My week was a good week. I really enjoyed the time in Florida. While it was work, it was work in Florida. Unfortunately, it was not a good training week for me. This week was my last "off week" between my training plans, so I just need to rebound next week as I start week 1 of my time improvement training plan. The steps towards Disney are getting closer!


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