Sep 22, 2013

Weekly Roundup: September 22nd

This month may have started good, but has been bumping since then. Last week was a little sidetracked by work. This week has been working to get back on track. While things are a little more lined up, they aren't fully upright yet. This did mark official week 1 of the time improvement training plan.

One Word to Describe the Week



Weekly Total:
Miles: 7.18 miles
Time: 1:48:02

Sunday, September 15: Rest

Monday, September 16: Rest

Tuesday, September 17: Maintenance Run
Where: Outside
Distance: 2.17 miles
Time: 32:59
Average Pace: 15:09 min / mile

Summary: Starting this week off did not feel as good pre-work trip. My legs felt heavy and sluggish. It just felt like a lot more work to run and get the legs going. Sometimes I feel like this when I start runs and it shakes off but this continued the whole run, which lead to the shorter end of the run window duration.

Wednesday, September 18: Rest

Thursday, September 19: Missed Maintenance Run

Summary: I missed my second weekday run. Not going to make any excuses. On the slight positive I did walk about 1.5 miles with Steph and Sam after work (and then again on Friday). Not my run / walk, but still activity for being healthier.

Friday, September 20: Rest

Saturday, September 21: Distance Run
Where: Outside
Distance: 5.01 miles
Time: 1:15:03
Average Pace: 14:57 min / mile

Summary: The first distance run of the time improvement plan was a 5.5 mile run. My plan was to get up just early enough to get my run in (giving me 15 min / mile in time), get home, showered and breakfast before heading off to gymnastics for Sam. My legs felt sluggish again today. At times during the run, it was a little better, but there was a degree of sluggishness through the run. Early, I was just over a 15 min pace, which was not making me happy. My goal is always 15 minute miles on my long runs, to be sustainable for whatever distance and still "have something in the tank" to be able to push when I need it. Before my week in Florida, I was doing that and then some on my 9 mile run which gave me great confidence. Unfortunately, this Saturday I did not have that. In the end, I did get my pace just under 15. However, I arrived back home a half mile short and stopped. While 5 miles is good, I'm mad after the fact of missing that little extra half mile.


I had done a little damage while away. Trying to get back into things went pretty well. I ate ok. Not great though. I had some cake here and there from the cake made for Steph's birthday as well as some ice cream with it. While not good, I did eat much smaller portions of it then I normally have in the past, so it is an improvement. In the end, my weight was unchanged from the last week.

Thoughts on the Week

I hate to of started off week 1 of the new plan with a miss. When I miss, it's usually in the same way, the same pattern for 90% of the cases. I hoped to start the new plan better than this (and the month) but you don't always achieve everything. Unfortunately, this was from a lack of trying, so I am at fault. I have a race coming up next week, the Perfect 10 K, so I need to be on my game this week and finish the month strong.


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