Sep 29, 2013

Weekly Roundup: September 29th

My training has found its way back on track. We're rolling again, with no missed runs, some good paces and some weight loss. It felt good to have a more sense of accomplishment this week. One week is just one week, but one good week is something.

One Word to Describe the Week



Weekly Total:
Miles: 5.96 miles
Time: 1:18:48

Sunday, September 22: Rest

Monday, September 23: Rest

Tuesday, September 24: Maintenance Run
Where: Outside
Distance: 3.70 miles
Time: 45:41
Average Pace: 12:18 min / mile

Summary: The legs were still a little heavy as I headed out for this run but I decided to push through it and go for a faster run. In the end I had a nice quick pace for me and was happy with the result. The one thing I learned on this run is that 123 is not lit for night running. I need to save that for daylight.

Wednesday, September 25: Rest

Thursday, September 26: Maintenance Run
Where: Outside
Distance: 2.26 miles
Time: 33:07
Average Pace: 14:39 min / mile

Summary: I took this evening run a little easier. The reason being is I planned on having a race on Sunday. Now, to make a long story short, apparently when I registered online, it never went through, so I had no race on Sunday. I still pushed my distance to Sunday, and actually ran a tiny bit farther than I would have otherwise at the 10K.

Friday, September 27: Rest

Saturday, September 28: Rest (Distance on Sunday)


While my month hasn't been what I've hoped, I did have a better week for my weight. I was down almost a pound from last week on my weigh in day. I'm also unofficially down a little more than that today as well (weigh-ins are Fridays). I ate pretty well this week and have been trying to cut back my caffeine some too. Those that know me, know I could drink coffee all day or hook and IV in if given the chance. I know it's better to have less, so I've been trying to cut back, but not out because I'm realistic.

Thoughts on the Week

This week was a stronger week than some have been lately. While this doesn't show it because of the structure of the roundup, I did have all my runs in this week, just with my weekend run bumped to Sunday. Looking ahead, the time improvement plan does look aggressive in its distances, so I need to keep up the good work.


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