Sep 24, 2014

BRATS Holiday 5K Series

So I took a step yesterday to force myself to be a little more active this winter. No, I didn't pull the trigger and register for one of those last 2% of the Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge. Think smaller... and more local... and not Disney... I signed up for a local 3 race series over the winter. The best part: special bling.

BRATS Holiday Series Bling

This winter, I will be running the BRATS Holiday 5K Series. BRATS is the shortened (and rearranged?) name for Bristow Tri and Swim. They are in charge of a series of races throughout the year in northern Virginia, primarily out in the western area of what most would be considered "NOVA". They were in charge of the Manassas Runway 5K that I ran earlier this year (and LOVED). I expect nothing less out of them on these races. They have several winter races that they have bundled into a series that if you run all 3, you get a special medal (as pictured above). The three races are the Chris Yung Memorial Turkey Trot 10/5K, the Santa's Workshop 5K and the BRATS Frozen (no, not that Frozen) 5K.

The great thing about these races are a great cost and a great purpose. All three races benefit something worthwhile. The first race, Chris Yung Memorial Turkey Trot 10/5K, takes place on November 27th and benefits the Chris Yung Foundation. Chris was a Prince William County Police Officer who was struck and killed by a vehicle in the line of duty. In addition, you get the added benefit of running before eating all that turkey, thus eliminating the guilt and filing it under "runger". Want an extra helping of turkey or pie? You can grab the 10K for just $5 more. The second race, Santa's Workshop 5K, takes place on December 14th and benefits the USMC Toys for Tots. You can even save $5 by bringing a toy to donate. Don't just do it for the $5, do it for the tots. Lastly, the third and final race of the series, the BRATS Frozen 5K, takes place on January 4th and benefits the Owen Lea Foundation. The Owen Lea Foundation provides support to families living with neuroblastoma. You can help out a great foundation AND start the new years resolutions off right with a run. The first two races take place in Manassas, VA and the last in Gainesville, VA. All are located pretty easily off of 66, so not too bad of a drive even when you're coming from further in towards D.C., such as myself.

Not sold yet? Let's sweeten the pot. All three races come with a tech shirt (not just cotton t-shirt). Not bad for a 5K. That was one of the pleasant surprises I got at the Manassas Runway 5K. You want more? How about a great price? All three races are still in early bird status until the 28th. That means each race is only $20 a piece. Donate a toy and you can get all three races for just $55! That's what some single 5Ks can cost around here. GREAT value for your money. For $55 you get 3 tech shirts, three reasons forcing you to go out and run this winter AND one special bling. So hit those early bird prices. You can follow the individual links for the races or there is even this handy registration for all 3 together. It also seems that you may get early bird pricing on the bundle until 10/5, but don't hold me to that. Registration is handled through I Am Athlete.

And for the record, I received no compensation for this. I'm just sharing because I think it's great and want others to run with me. So come run with me. Please?


  1. Sounds like a great series! I'll have to add it to my list of race links for future considerations. So many fun holiday races but not enough weekends :)

    1. Yeah. I haven't run these particular ones before, but they put on a great other race, so I'm really looking forward to them. I need ever bit of help to make sure I'm out there being active. A little bling incentive works. ;-)