Sep 22, 2014

Coast to Coast Challenge | Mickey Monday

Welcome back to the Mickey Monday linkup: the linkup centering around a love for Disney, sharing that love and connecting with others. My hope is the linkup will help become a great place to turn to for Disney content each week and help all the bloggers participating out by helping readers find that great mouse-eared content. I'm co-hosting with Katie from Adventures by Katie, so of course check her out. Each week we'll both have the linkup widget, so you'll be able to get to all the great bloggers. This week I'll be continuing with the runDisney theme as of late. This week I'll be talking about...

Coast to Coast Challenge on Mickey Monday

Coast to Coast Challenge

When taking part of runDisney, the bling is fantastic. It's high quality, heavy duty, awesome looking bling. One of the great things about runDisney, if you're up for something a little more difficult and out for bling, are their challenges. One such challenge has you going the distance. Right around 2,172.5 miles that is. I'm talking about the Coast to Coast Challenge.

What is the Coast to Coast Challenge?

The Coast to Coast Challenge is the result of running in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in the same year. Not only that, but it needs to be a half marathon or longer to qualify. When you complete both in the same calendar year, you earn an additional medal, with the iconic Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands in the center.

Coast to Coast runDisney
It really is a great looking medal.

What races can I run?

If we take a look back at the runDisney schedule Mickey Monday, you'll see all but two weekends qualify. The two that don't are Everest Challenge and Tower of Terror, as neither have a distance long enough. You have three race weekend opportunities in Florida and four in California.

For Walt Disney World:
Walt Disney World Half Marathon
Walt Disney World Marathon (same weekend)
Disney Princess Half Marathon
Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon

For Disneyland:
Star Wars Half Marathon
Tinker Bell Half Marathon
Disneyland Half Marathon
Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon

What about the pink one?

Ah yes, the pink Coast to Coast. If you're looking to earn a little more exclusive variant of the Coast to Coast, you can race both of the more "female oriented" races within the same calendar year. To say it simpler, if you run both the Princess Half Marathon and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, you can still get your coast to coast bling, however you can get the special pinkalicious edition. Same design, just a dash more pink.

Pink Coast to Coast
Ok, maybe a little more than a dash more pink.

What if I want them all?

Who doesn't want all the bling. Previously, if you wanted both, you needed to run 3 races: two to earn your first Coast to Coast and a third to go back again. Two of the three needed to be Princess and Tinker Bell, but the third would stretch it out. Unfortunately, that has been changed and now 4 races are required. So you need to run the set races for the pink medal and any other two to earn the second. That's a lot of travel.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, looking at the schedule so gracious pulled together into one place, what if I run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon followed by the Disney Princess Half Marathon and then the Tinker Bell Half Marathon? What medal to I get then? The answer is your choice. If you meet a special case like that, runDisney will contact you to ask which you prefer. They're tricky like that. They tend to think of these things.

If you want to know a little more, or do some fact checking with the source, you can feel free to check their FAQ on the Coast to Coast Challenge, but hopefully you'll see I've got it pretty covered.

Onto the Linkup

That's the download on the Coast to Coast Challenge, so if the last Mickey Monday had you thinking about running, maybe this would will be making you think about running on both coast. If so, yay, but my apologies to your travel budget. I'll quickly divert your attention to that detail by offering you the link up.

Here are the guidelines:

The post just needs to be about anything Disney related. There have been posts on runDisney, on the parks and even on the Moms Panel, so just give it some Disney and count it.

New posts are fantastic, but for now, if you have a great old post you want to share, drop it on in.

Try to visit as many of the posts that you can as time allows. The point of this is to share and support each other.

If you're going to be a regular, please link back to the host posts. It's just good etiquette and frankly, that's how others will get to your fellow Disney lovers content. Without that link back, they can't find the linkup and therefore the other blogs. Help me help you.

Have fun. Be a kid. Enjoy.

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  1. I need to do the Coast To Coast one of these days! Airfare to west coast has been crazy and so many races to choose from!

    1. Yeah. It's on my "to-run" list as well. It does require a lot of extra cost (even for just the travel alone). I think it's worth it, but non-trivial.