Oct 9, 2014

The runDisney Schedule Released (with ToT MIA)

So, in case you missed the post and delete yesterday and the official post today, the runDisney schedule for 2015 / 2016 was released, showing when registrations will be. The schedule starts with races not yet on sale for 2015. That has been long overdue and needed.

2015 - 2016 runDisney Schedule

However the big controversy is that Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler is MIA. runDisney hasn't yet come out and officially address ToT. The general thought is they're canceling it (maybe only temporarily) due to the construction that will be ongoing (rumored to be Pixar Place and Star Wars Land). It could be they are still addressing whether or not to run it, course adjustments needed, etc. Now, Wine & Dine goes through Hollywood Studios, so it would need an adjustment as well. The difference is that the after party for ToT is in Hollywood Studios.

They haven’t officially address ToT not being on the schedule, which from Expedition Everest not being on a hand out only to still be run, you would think they would learn their lesson. The closest to a  response I’ve seen so far is this response to a tweet asking them to explain why ToT was not there.

"We regularly evaluate our race experiences from time-to-time and make adjustments based on a variety of factors."

Now, they haven’t said “Yes, we cancelled it”, but seems pretty darn close. They still left it a little ambiguous, in that they could be in evaluation. You need to be clear in PR people.

Now, if it is cancelled, I’m unhappy about this. We just booked our trip for next year for my daughter’s and wife’s birthdays. We specifically aligned it to fit what would overlap both ToT and the little one’s birthday. As you can tell from looking at the schedule, you have to plan far in advance to go to races. Yes, we’re looking a full year in advance but it’s something that’s been reliable. ToT is 1st weekend in October. It’s also unique in that it’s a night race and very villain centric, that you don’t get in other races. Even if I wasn’t planning on running it, I’d still hate to see it go. Hopefully, runDisney put something out specifically address Tower of Terror to end the speculation, because I really don’t want to read it any more. I just want to know whether or not to be bummed, though I'm not holding my breath.

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runDisney Facebook


  1. I did ToT this year and really enjoyed the race. I liked the villains theme and the night race experience. I heard from people on the facebook group who had deferred that they were sent an email about choosing another race for next year so it seems like it is official. Hopefully they bring it back at some point. I'm thinking of trying Wine & Dine next year since it's a similar time of year and still a night race.

    1. Yeah. I've seen a couple screenshots of that. I'm trying to hope there will be a change, because I know coming up to Expedition Everest last year, people were told they could not defer, which looked like a sign it was going to be replaced (at the time, rumored as Star Wars), but it's back for 2015.

      Wine & Dine looks great as well, being a night race and with a fantastic after party of the food, but I was really looking forward to the theme of ToT. I always felt like that gave it a really unique twist.