Nov 29, 2015

Engineered for your Face: Rudy Rydon Review | BibRavePro

Disclaimer: I received the Rudy Rydon Carbonium sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador, tell them I sent you), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

You may have seen my preview post about the newest sunglass I've been testing, the Rudy Carbonium sunglasses. I previously tested the XX2i France1 Sunglasses, which I loved. I shared with you my initial impressions ahead of the bibchat, which was all favorable. I've gotten to spend some more time with them, and give a more full rounded picture.

Who is Rudy Project?

Rudy Project is the creation of Rudy Barbazza with the purpose to "improve the performance of athletes all over the world". They do research into advanced materials and technologies to make the best products they can to increase and elevate your performance. They're all about technology and science. They even offer a page on their sunglass technology. Every tiny detail is engineered, from the anti-slip temples to the optimal axis of the lenses. You might know from other reviews, I love good design. I appreciate engineering. I'm a geek, so when you strive to make technological advancements in every little detail, you have my interest.

What are you testing?

I received the Rudy Project Rydon Carbonium with Impactx-2 Photochromic Clear to Laser Red Lenses. A mouthful, I know. The important part is I'm testing the Rudy Rydon glasses. The rest deals with the customization of those glasses. The Impactx-2 lenses are their unbreakable photochromic optics. My particular lenses change to laser red with their own innovative High Dynamic Range technology, for "higher contrast and superior visual perception and sharper image".
Before we go on to the actual glasses, I wanted to touch on one small thing I really liked, the case. The glasses come with a hard sided case which you can see above. They're just big enough for the glasses while protecting them. Frankly, with such high end glasses, they need to be protected. With my xx2i glasses, they were a two frame set, so they came in a larger case. This pair is much more convenient. I can also worry a little less about the glasses getting damaged. I've lost many a pair of sunglasses to a backpack pocket. Back to the main event, the glasses.

How do they feel?

The glasses are extremely lightweight, just 0.88 oz. Even at under an ounce, they feel sturdy. It's one of those things that is just hard to wrap my head around, but they're fantastic quality. The lenses are awesome. They change very quickly in the sun. In fact, I went to take a transition picture and when I went outside, they were changing before I could even take the first picture. When heading back indoors, the go back to clear quickly enough that I didn't even need to remove them. In fact, couple that with how light they are, and I may have forgotten I had them on, in more than one occasion. The glasses fit perfectly, the photochromic lenses work wonderfully, and they all around feel great.
The photochromic lenses are perfect for early morning runs. At this time of year, when I leave for my runs, it's dark. When I return, the sun has come up. With these lenses, I can throw on my glasses and start running. When the sun decides to say good morning, my lenses are ready. Running in and out of some wooded paths are no problem. The lenses were always perfect clarity, whether it's early morning or bright afternoon sun.

I also took my glasses on a couple of my long drives recently. The impactX lenses, in addition to being unbreakable, also darken with natural light or UV. This gives them the ability to transition even behind windows that block the UV rays. When I was on my drives, I found even on sunny days, they didn't seem to darken all the way. At first I wondered if they weren't working as advertised, but then placing them on the dash, the darken instantly. For the natural light, they need direct light. Now, with that said, I never found myself squinting or straining, so maybe the lenses just know better than me.

The only thing I must add in is my wife likes to tell me when they're clear, I look like I'm wearing safety glasses. Not so much a problem when running, more of a deal when I go inside and forget I'm wearing them. She does agree they look pretty sweet when they've darkened.

The Takeaway

I have no problem stating the these glasses are simply the best I have ever worn. They're lightweight, clear, comfortable and look damn good. The photochromic lenses are convenient, work great, and look good. I still have problems comprehending how light weight they are. The frames fit great, they're flexible but also strong and durable. They are a complete package of engineering and style.

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