Nov 6, 2015

More Than Just a Towel: Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap Review | BibRavePro

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Have you ever wanted to ditch those sweaty clothes post race, but aren't up for changing in the lovely portable plastic box? Have you come out the other side of a run muddy or get caught in a downpour? Then you were in need of the latest product I got to test, the Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap.

So, you say I need a towel?

No, as the title says, this is "more than just a towel". It's something you look at, that is such a simple idea, but so perfectly done. The best products are those that find a need and solve it right. There are two main uses for the wrap. First is for making changing easy while keeping things covered and the second is for protecting your car seat from you.

Changing your changing

So let's start with scenario one. You need to get changed into or out of your workout gear. Maybe you met up with some people after throwing your gear in a bag or you spent the day at the beach and want to get out of your swimsuit. Sure, you can wrap yourself with a regular towel, and swap off and on under, but then you have to keep one hand on the towel or risk showing the world what you're made of. The wrap gives you that towel with a built in belt clip, fully adjustable to hold it is place, so you can change with two hands and no worries.

Wrapping your seat

Onto scenario two. Let's say you don't have a change of clothes or you just don't want to bother until you can get home and shower (this is generally me). You could be sweaty, muddy or soaked from a downpour. If you're like me, you don't want to get your seat a mess, so you lay down a towel. Of course, you try and sit down, but then it pulls it off the back so you scoot your but around and twist to try and pull it back up to then lean back quick enough before it falls back to where you started. You always end up with nothing more than a bunched up towel behind your back. Well, the Transition & Seat Wrap has a built in zipper that creates a little hood. Simply put that hood over your seat rest and no more falling towel. Simple, yet perfect design. Not only that, it works great as a hood on you and you can wrap the towel around you to get dry or keep warm (or pretend it's a cape, your choice).

I've given my explanation of what it does, but you can also see their hilarious clip on the Transition & Seat Wrap.

So how does it work?

I didn't have a chance to try out the towel for changing purposes at a race, because it didn't really happen for me to have a need to. I did try it at home anyway, and it worked great. The clipping system is really cool and stays in place once you tighten it enough. Last year I did some obstacle courses that resulted in some wet and muddy gear. This would have made changing out of those clothes post race so much easier.

For normal races, I don't usually care about getting changed if I'm just sweaty. Yes, if it's a rainy race, that's a different story. What I do care about is not sticking my sweaty self to the seat, and thus making my seat a sweaty seat. I prefer to keep that dry and not smelling. That makes feature two perfect for me. I used it in multiple cars, and worked great on everything from SUV leather seats to my cloth buckets seats of my G6.

Not only that, it's also a great towel to have handy, useful for any runner's bag. I had left it out after taking some pictures one night, then the next morning took a slightly humid and sweaty morning run. It was great to just pick it up when I came in the door to dry my face down for relief. Plus, it makes a pretty good super hero cape in a pinch for pretend time.

The Takeaway

What is my overall thought on the Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap? While it is a more specialized product than others I've reviewed, it is excellent. Orange Mud found a problem in a basic product that runners use all the time, and found a way to make it better. That's a design and product win in my book


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