Nov 9, 2015

Surprise Disney Reveal | #MagicalMickey

Welcome to another #MagicalMickey linkup. This week I have a very fun post to share with you. Many of you may remember my recent Disney trip. We took that trip as a surprise for my daughter's 4th birthday. We left at just after dinner time and drove all night through some rain to Florida, trading off driving. Then, we stopped to reveal to our daughter where we were heading. She simply knew we were going on "vacation". Boy, was she in for a surprise.

Of course, being the Disney geeks we are, we couldn't just tell her we were going there. No, we needed something better to reveal it. So I hatched a plan. When my wife was visiting once on a girls trip, she sent back videos from some princesses saying "hi" to Samantha. Why not get them to say "Happy birthday", rr better yet, inviting her to come visit. So about a year out of the trip, my wife put the call out to Facebook for any friends traveling to Florida, to ask if they'd be willing to do us a favor. She even had some contacts with "friends" to do some recordings.

We then took these all, and I spent some evenings at the computer to edit them into a special message for Samantha. Of course, we were ready to go with the video camera, to capture the cuteness. Here is the end result. Enjoy!

Have you ever done a surprise trip?

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  1. This is the most adorable thing ever! Kudos to your friends for getting all those characters to record messages!

  2. Way too cute! What a great idea.

    1. Thanks. I was happy it worked out so well. More cuteness on the new post today.