Jun 23, 2013

Weekly Roundup: June 23rd

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As mentioned in my catching up post, I'm moving to a weekly round up for my training sessions. I liked posting for all of them, it was good reflection, I just don't always have the time for it unfortunately. In addition, moving to one weekly roundup post to cover my trainings gives me more time to try and write the other entries for the blogs. I have a couple ideas that I just don't get the time to fully work up. Without further ado, here is my first weekly round up, for week 10 for my Jeff Galloway Half Marathon plan.


Sunday, June 16

Monday, June 17

Tuesday, June 18
Training Stats - June 18
What: Maintenance Run
Where: Gym - Elliptical
Distance: 2.5 miles
Time: 17:40
Average Pace: 7:04 min / mile

Summary: I ended up only having time for a short run on Tuesday morning so I opted to try and keep a quick pace for it.

Wednesday, June 19

Thursday, June 20
Training Stats - June 20
What: Maintenance Run
Where: Outside
Distance: 2.80 miles
Time: 41:22
Average Pace: 14:45 min / mile

Summary: I had a good Thursday morning run. Looped around the lake which I haven't done in a while as a part of my run. Felt good and was a really good de-stresser to start the day.

Friday, June 21

Saturday, June 22
Training Stats - June 22
What: Distance Run
Where: Outside
Distance: 9.53 miles
Time: 2:17:19
Average Pace: 14:24 min / mile
Fastest Split: 13:20 min

Summary: I was a little worried going into this run. The distance was farther than I've ever run at one time and I missed my long run two weekends ago so I didn't have the booster of "It's only a mile and a half farther." I got up extra early ("I hate me" o'clock, as I referred to it when setting my alarm) to beat the heat, sun and get a good start to the day. I don't have a hydration belt yet (but I've ordered one) so I planned my route to come by the house at about 5.5 miles. That worked out perfectly, though I needed a quick bathroom break as well then. The first 5 went by great. I took the same path as my last 5 mile run and it was easier this time around. Not easy, but easier. The second half (or 4 miles) was a little rough. After about a half mile my legs got a little jelly-like and tired. I pushed through and kept going. I could have used the little jellies I have that are for energy to push through the second part of my run. In the future, I plan to keep them in my belt for that exact purpose. Side note, I just got them at 10 for $10 at Giant, the Gatorade Prime Energy Chews. In the end, the run felt good but tiring.  I wasn't too sore after, though the bottoms of my feet would hurt a little after sitting for a bit.

Thoughts on the Week

This week felt good from a training standpoint. There were no missed sessions, I physically felt good and I had a great long run on the weekend which I even followed up with errands and shopping with my wife and daughter after running. 

How was your week? Anything special in your training this week?


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