Sep 8, 2014

Disney Parks Moms Panel | Mickey Monday

Welcome to the first Mickey Monday linkup. The linkup came from a desire to make sure I was posting more about Disney on my blog. Then I had I thought, if I want more Disney for my readers, why not link that up with other Disney posts and increase the pixie dust dose? With this in mind, the Mickey Monday post became the Mickey Monday linkup. I'll be co-hosting with Katie from Adventures by Katie. Frankly, she already has a lot of great Disney content, so she was an easy choice. You're along for the inaugural linkup, so thank you very much. First I'll share with you my post, then the guidelines and finally the links. This week I'll be talking about...

Disney Parks Moms Panel

So, what in the world is that, you may be asking yourself. Well, the Disney Parks Moms Panel is a forum where you can ask any Disney destination question you have and get responses from Disney experts, in the forms of real Moms (and Dads). The panelists are selected for their excellent Disney knowledge, with a specialized area, such as Walt Disney World or the Disney Vacation Club. You can know these people, every day people, really know their stuff because Disney selected them themselves through an application process that takes place every year.

The great thing about the site is their is already a wealth of information of questions that have been asked as well as answers that have been given. It can be anything from the name of a restaurant, questions about how FastPass+ works or advice on the best way to accomplish a vacation goal you have. They're not just a technical resource but can give their valuable opinions. You know that guy at your office you always trust about the new technology? You know the one I mean. The one who you can ask about any new phone or TV and he'll always somehow know about it and be able to give you an informed opinion? Well consider them that guy, but for anything Disney.

One of the cool things about the panel is the open applications. There are always several rounds. The first involves text answers and the later rounds can vary year to year, but have included a video portion, trivia and of course more question and answer. Anyone can apply and become a panelist hopeful. And I mean anyone. Even this guy applied this year. Round one just closed this past Friday, so the waiting game begins for all those with faith, trust and pixie dust dreams.
My #DisneySide
My #DisneySide submission for my Round 1 application.

So go ahead, head over to the Disney Parks Moms Panel and give it a search for any question you have. Don't see it? Ask it. Not only will you help yourself, but you'll be helping others that come after you.

And now, the Linkup

Ok, so these will get a little more formalized as we get rolling, but here are the starting guidelines. 

The post just needs to be about anything Disney related. As you can see from this post, I went with something a little off to the side. Many of my posts will likely be runDisney, but there is no requirement there. 

New posts are fantastic, but for now, if you have a great old post you want to share, drop it on in.

Try to visit as many of the posts that you can as time allows. The point of this is to share and support each other.

If you're going to be a regular, please link back to the host posts. It's just good etiquette and frankly, that's how others will get to your fellow Disney lovers content.

Have fun. Be a kid. Enjoy.


  1. Best of luck in the #DisneyMP search! I threw my hat in the ring too. It's such a great resource for those visiting Disney for the first time, or the 50th!

    1. Thanks. Best of luck to you too. My wife has applied a couple of times. I've thought about it before but this is the first time actually trying.