Mar 27, 2015

Five Favorite Spring Foods... To GRILL | Friday Five

Things are starting to feel a little more like spring. Or at least Thursday afternoon did. This week's Friday Five linkup topic is another spring based topic. The topic is favorite spring food. Well, what I love about the warm weather again is I can grill easier. I say easier because cold and winder doesn't really stop me, but I digress. This week's topic is

Five Favorite Spring Foods... To GRILL

1. Meat

I'm a carnivore kind of guy. I love meats on the grill. Burgers, steaks, brisket, ribs, doesn't matter. Grill it up and enjoy. One of my favorites, that I haven't done in a long time is a turkey burger we make. They consist of ground turkey, breadcrumbs, onion, egg whites, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper.

2. Veggies

I love grilling up veggies. Just this week I grilled up some zucchini, squash and red peppers with some Italian dressing with some grilled chicken. So tasty and healthy. I love fresh veggies so I'm glad the weather is getting warmer.

3. Corn on the Cob

To go with the fresh produce, this is one of my favorites. I love corn on the cob. A very tasty way to have it is grilled. I don't do it often, but I really enjoy it. A great way to cook it up, worth the extra effort.

4. Shrimp on the Barbie

This one is for my wife. I personally am not a huge seafood guy. I do love to cooking, so I enjoy making this for her. It smells good, just not a food I really enjoy. Season it up right, a little butter, down under good.

5. Pizza

Ok, this last one I can't really call a "favorite" but more of a food on my todo list. I love pizza and I've read that grilled pizza can be really good. I'm looking forward to making my own dough and trying out grilled pizza this springtime.

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  1. I haven't tried pizza on the grill either but it does sound good!

  2. My husband loves to grill and got a Green Egg for Christmas. He now does slow cooked ribs and they are heavenly. We also grill tons of fresh veggies and sweet potatoes on the grill are fantastic too

  3. My husband and I pretty much grill almost daily on our charcoal grill. It's nice because we eat different things, so he can grill the meats and I can grill the veggies. :-) One of my favorite things to grill is a whole head of romaine lettuce--makes for a really great grilled veggie salad!

  4. i also love grilled pineapple - have you ever tried it? so fantastic!

  5. I have never made pizza on the grill but I bet it would be delicious with the grill marks on the crust. Yum! -L

  6. So I have had grilled pizza and I can't get enough. It adds such an awesome unique flavor. And I love me some grilled sausage. Brats, Italian, whatever. Little known fact about me: I LOVE processed meat! And P.S. You need cookies. It is Friday my friend!

  7. great take on this! I love grilling in the summer. especially corn on the cob!! omg, so yummy.

    I have to try the grilled pizza!

  9. We make pizza on the grill a lot! It is a team effort with my husband and me. He gets that crust so thin and crispy. We have a variety of different pizzas we make too! Making my hungry just thinking about it!

  10. I think it's hard to grill pizza from raw dough, but maybe if you have a pizza grill pan? It sounds delish!

  11. Grilled pizza is delicious! I love how nice and crispy the crust gets.

    Grilled corn on the cob is also quite yummy. It's great that it's grill season again!

  12. I love summertime grilling! I've only grilled corn once, but grill our other veggies often. Shrimp on the barbie - the absolute best!