Nov 14, 2015

Staying Healthy Through the Holidays | #FridayFive

Welcome to the weekend! This week's Friday Five linkup is getting ready for the holidays: the food, the people, the travel. It's important, throughout all of this, to keep yourself happy and healthy. This week, we'll look at some ways you can try and keep on track.

1. Holiday 5Ks

We'll start with an easy one. At this time of year, there are a lot of holiday based races that make it easy to get out there and run. You can start with any of the countless Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving, if you're schedule allows. If not, there are always plenty of Christmas centric races in December, usually raising money to help others or gathering for Toys for Tots. You can race and feel good about yourself too. Lastly, for the post holiday, you'll usually find some races to celebrate the new year, so there is no shortage of options to get out there and run, even in the chilly northeast

2. Take Family Walks

The holidays tend to be chocked full of times with family. It's important to spend time with them. But why not spend that time being active? It can be simple as taking a walk together. Get out of the house (provided the weather plays nice). Admire the colors of the fall leaves. Take in the colors of Christmas lights. Enjoy nature with each other.

3. Track What You Eat

One important thing when trying to keep healthy for me is tracking what I eat. It helps keep my decisions in check and see the full picture. During the holidays, it becomes extra helpful. The truth is, I'm still going to eat the tasty dishes and let myself indulge. However, tracking, even when not eating my best helps. The reason why is it helps me to see the full picture, which means maybe I have a smaller portion or not have that "one more sweet".

4. Find Healthy Recipes

While we're talking food, let's talk healthy food. Holiday meals are full of delicious dishes. There's no reason you can't find little ways to make those dishes just a little healthier. Make substitutions, use lower fat or not fat ingredients, cut some sugar. If you end up at a party where you bring a dish, bring yourself a healthy option. That way, you help yourself and help others. There's plenty of healthy and tasty options.

5. Relax, Don't Stress, Be Happy

The last point, I think is the most important. Relax. Enjoy your holidays. Enjoy the little thing. Take time to appreciate what you have, what you're doing, and who you're with. It can be a stressful time, but do your best to try and be stress free. Stress can lead to stress eating, tiredness, irritability and all around not having a fun time.

One way that keeps me destressed is my music. I've mentioned it many times before here on this blog, so should come as no surprise. I love so many kinds of music, it's just about the right kind for the right time. Along those lines and holiday stress, I want to let you in on a secret. During the week of Thanksgiving, I'll be teaming up with BibRave and Plantronics to give away a pair of BackBeat Fit headphones, the same kind I reviewed earlier on my blog. Myself and 4 other BibRave Pros will have a different giveaway each day that week, so that's 5 different chances to win. Be sure to check in with my social media that week for all the posts, and my blog on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

How do you keep from being stressed?

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  1. I try to do as much as my holiday stuff as early as possible. Leaving things to the last week really stresses me out!
    I love being able to experiment with new holiday recipes too! Good list!

    1. Thanks. I'm looking at doing our own apple brine for the turkey this year (we've used an already made one in past) and I'm breaking out a hot mulled (adult) cider.

  2. Holiday 5Ks are a great idea. And taking walks - such a great stress reliever too.

  3. We run a Thanksgiving morning turkey trot and Christmas themed race every year. Both have become favorite holiday traditions!

    I also always have a delicious tossed salad available as a side-dish with both dinners. I'm a salad lover, so not only is it a great filler, but something I love.

    1. I'm definitely making Christmas themed a tradition. I like the turkey trot, but can make prepping dinner a little more difficult.

  4. I wish we would have more holiday races here. There are a couple but really not many to choose from. Races drop off in December and January and don't really pick up again until mid Feb / March. Happy holidays to you !

    1. Temps are a little cool here, but there's still a surprising amount here. Not as cold as some areas. Mostly just short races here until April.

  5. i think number 5 can make a HUGE difference! :) i hope you have a great holiday!!