Dec 18, 2016

Sore? Call on Earth's Care! | BibRavePro

Disclaimer: I received the Earth's Care Triple Action Pain Relieving Ointment to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador, tell them I sent you), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Today we're going to talk about a little something every run can relate to: being sore. We beat our bodies over miles and miles, in the cold, in the heat, on days we probably should rest, so we end up sore. Sometimes it's just tired muscles, sometimes it's more, but we all see plenty of it. The latest product I've had an opportunity to test out, is designed to help us all out with this: Earth's Care Triple Action Pain Relieving Ointment.

Well, that's a mouthful!

Well, yes, yes it is. But it's a straight forward description of exactly what it is. It's a simple, easy to use ointment, that you just rub on the sore area, it gives it the old 1-2-3 actions, and you get some temporary relief. Here's their more descriptive text about it:
Earth's Care Pain Relieving Ointment is a powerful blend of three natural ingredients that provide soothing, penetrating natural pain relief from sore muscles, joint pain, backache and minor arthritis. Our proprietary formula features Camphor, Menthol and Wintergreen Oil that together work as an effective analgesic without parabens or phthalates.
It's meant to be a simpler solution for topical pain relief, without parabens or phtalates (two things I had to google) but it's also without artificial colors or fragrances and allergy tested.

How is the triple action?

This is one of those things, that at the right time could get a lot of testing, but at the wrong time, not so much. I had a limited time to test this before sharing with you, but actually had quite a few opportunities to give it a whirl (or rub for that matter). The first was the day it showed up in my mail, I overdid it (as you do) at the holiday party for work where we went to a driving range place with food and drinks (Top Golf). I returned home with a sore outside of my knee (probably due to not hitting golf balls for 2 years and not stretching or anything as well, in the chilly air. Not knowing what to expect, I rubbed it in and within a very short time, almost all of that soreness was gone. Luckily, it wasn't any sort of injury, so the next day, we were back to normal.

The second (and several other tests) were on some on-again-off-again pain I have in my heal. It's hard to describe (and I haven't been able to pinpoint any trigger either) but when it gets sore, it hurts. And oddly, if I sit for too long when it hurts, it actually hurts more when I first get up until a walk for about a minute, then returns to it's normal level of hurt. Luckily, while I can't find a root cause, running seems to have no real effect on it (i.e. not any worse when I run, even when it hurts before I run, heal is the same after. This one was a little harder than the knee because I felt like I wanted to let it dry some before doing anything or putting on my socks. But thanks to rubbing this in, it really made my heal a lot more comfortable. It lasted for a decent amount of time as well, putting it on in the morning I felt pretty good until a little after lunch. Heck, as I type this, I was running around a lot today while visiting my family, and I'm quite sore on my heal, so I've pulled out the ointment and feeling good as I type before I sleep (this will probably get published tomorrow, after I sleeps).

The last  thing I'd like to add is it has a bit of a strong smell. I actually quite enjoy it. I'll describe it this way: I rubbed this into my heal, then, when I walked into the next room to get my sock then turned back around, my 5 year old told me from that next room she smelled gum. So it has a bit of a smell you could call minty. I really enjoy that smell, but for others, it could be a little strong (especially if they don't like that minty smell).

The Takeaway

This product is a very simple product for me to give my opinion on. It's a product made to help you with your aches and pain. I had somes, I used this, those "somes" when away. I also really like the smell. It comes without some things that depending where you read, says they could be harmful (do your own research and form your own opinion on that). In the end, the product worked for me, and I'll be continuing to use it. You can be sure this will be packed in my bag for my upcoming Dopey Challenge. I can't guarantee it will work for you because we're all different, but I can recommend trying this for yourself.

Speaking of Dopey Challenge...

Since I brought up the Dopey Challenge, when I'm running, I'll be running on behalf of Sophie & Madigan's Playground. They're a charity local to me working to build a playground in memory of two little girls who lost their lives in a house fire, so their memory can live on and bring other families joy and happiness. I only ask that you take some time and consider donating.

Now that you've considered, I want to add a little more. Donating to something a nice as this should give a warm fuzzies inside. In addition to that, I'm trying to show my thanks. That's why you can earn rewards for your donations, such as a Disney pin, a postcard with my handwritten thanks, or for two big donators: the opportunity to pick my running costumes. If that's not enough, I'm also hosting a giveaway for every $5 you donate with a huge runners pack, including AfterShokz headphones, XX2i sunglasses, Nuun, and some BibRave gear. Read all about it, and then please please donate.


This week's #bibchat will of course feature Earth's Care. Stop by on Tuesday, December 20th at 9pm EST to join in the good times that is bibchat. Interact with the team, with other BibRavePros, and all the other like minded runners that participate each week. You can plan on a giveaway as we always do, so there's always that added bonus for showing up.

What do you use for your aches and pain?


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