Mar 19, 2017

OOoo Child, Your Feet are Gonna Feel Better: Oofos OOclog Review | BibRavePro

Disclaimer: I received the Oofos OOcloog Project Pink Clog to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador, tell them I sent you), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I couldn't resist a little oldies mixtape lyrics for my title. I had the opportunity to partner with Oofos on their special Project Pink line of their amazing footwear. I actually already own a pair OOAHH Sport Sandal, so when the opportunity to test any of the line, I decided to step outside my box of normal footwear and into a pair of clogs.

What Project Pink?

I actually want to take a moment to first talk about Project Pink and not the product. I believe it deserves first billing here. Project Pink is an Oofos company mission to make a difference. I'll let their words do the talking:
This extends beyond footwear to a cause that strikes way too close to home: the fight against breast cancer.
Duncan Finigan is a long time member of the OOFOS family and was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in October 2014. After Duncan’s diagnosis, it was an easy decision for us to choose breast cancer research as the cause that OOFOS would stand behind.

With every pair of the Pink collection that we sell, OOFOS will donate 100% of the proceeds to Dana-Farber breast cancer research. As one of the world’s leading cancer care centers, the Dana-Farber team works tirelessly to find a cure to help the millions around the world that are affected.
So far, it looks like they've raised about $30,000 of their  $100,000 goal. I think this is such a worthwhile cause and effort, that I wanted to talk about it first. You can read more about Project Pink directly on Oofos

What's the clog all about?

The Oofos OOclog Project Pink Clog is a fantastic little recovery shoe. It's made of OOfoam (self naming, right?) which is made to absorb 37% more shock than other materials. For being a foam sandal, the construction is quite awesome. They have a textured inside that actually cradles your arches, providing support and comfort. The footbed felt natural, while over the top was tight enough to feel secure, but gave enough room if you want to wear them with sock (like when it's freezing like it was for me) you can. One of my favorite things about Oofos is the foam is also moisture resistant and explicitly calls out as shower / beach ready. That makes the sandals a fantastic option to replace your beach day $5 flip flops from Target. You'll have so much more comfort and style. They're also machine washable (though they don't retain smell anyway) and they are so light they float!

The Project Pink line makes the Oofos logo on the side in pink and adds a small pink ribbon. A nice simple touch to show your support while still keeping the slick and simple look. I've given them plenty of wear time and the foam has held up perfectly. They're meant to be quite durable and to hold their cushion, which they've succeeded so far, and I'm a big guy putting a hurting on these shoes. I've even worn them out of the house and there's no visible wear and tear to them at all.

How do they really feel?

Oofos is one of those things that sounds cool, but you think "they can't really make that much difference, can they?" I'll be honest, I was this way too before I got my first pair of the sandals. I'll admit, I only bought them because I had a gift certificate that was set to expire and it was just enough to cover them at not cost to me, so I felt like "what did I have to lose if they don't measure up to the claim?" Now, I know, they're worth every penny. My wife likes to call my sandals my "magic sandals" so I guess that makes these my "magic clip clop clogs".

First, they're very comfortable on my feet. They have just the right amount of cushioning to feel comfortable but not weird. While the foam is cushioning your feet, it's still providing support. The arches feel really good in these and conform nicely to my feet. The clog wasn't too tight and as I mentioned I could even get them on with some socks for the cold, though I prefer them without. I wore them around the house a lot: after some harder runs, after my half marathon, and even after just some rough days of work where my feet were sore. Not only do they feel comfortable to wear, they make a difference.

I'm a big runner. We have our own set of problems (enough that I'm working on a post on this very subject). One of which for me is after my races, the impact on my feet sucks. The pads and whole bottom of my feet will just be all around sore by the end of it all. In my personal experience, this takes about 2-3 days to be back to feeling 100%. After my Rock 'n' Roll DC Half I wore these clogs around the house and out for an errand and the next day my feet were like I hadn't even run. Granted, so other parts of me were still sore, but when I stood up to walk around, I didn't have that aching across the bottoms of my feet that make you walk a little gingerly. That not enough for you? While this review is for the OOclog, I took my sport sandals to Florida with me for the Dopey Challenge. After running my first full marathon, my most difficult physical challenge I've ever faced, one that left me gimping my way back to the car, I spent the remainder of my day and evening in those sandals (as well as 2XU tights). The next day, I was back in the Magic Kingdom for rope drop. While I was still hobbling a little around and not exactly a speed demon, I was wearing my sneakers and they felt just fine. I can't give a bigger test to their product than that.

The Takeaway

I absolutely love this product. I've never been a clog person. I haven't owned any before and frankly never had any desire to either. But these... these I love. Like deep, massaging your feet, kind of love. I'm a huge believer of both my sandals and clogs from Oofos. While I love my sandals as a beach sandal and even a shower sandal for the gym, the clog gets the advantage for any other time. Especially now, when it's cooler and wearing sandals (while even for recovery) would look weird, these just go on and look like shoes. They cover your foot and are unassuming with jeans on. I have no doubt in the technology and design of the foam and the molding of the clog and sandals. They've got it right and it works. There's a reason why these will now only be referred to as my 'magic clip clop clogs'. They've earned that title.  I couldn't more highly recommend Oofos to almost anyone, runner or not. If your feet get sore, you need these. And if you're going to get a pair, why not get a Project Pink pair and contribute to breast cancer research?

How do you recover your feet?