Apr 20, 2013

Training Day 10 - Week One Done

Week one down! Three miles run in the book. I feel really good having completed the first week of my program. It may not have been much, but I had a good sense of accomplishment from it.

The Run

Since it was the weekend, I had a distance goal. Being the first week, it was just 3 miles. But 3 miles is farther than I've gone so far, so it's yet another step forward. I started my day early, up before the rest of the family was up, geared up and out the door I went. I was sure to stretch more than Thursday, which paid off. I didn't have the same tightness this run. It was a little brisk, cooler than it's been lately, but I was still warm enough in just shorts and a t-shirt while moving. As I ran, the clouds cleared up as well, and I got to see some nice blue skies. I had a little bit of head wind for about the last mile home, but it was not well at all. I tried to push hard to keep up my pace as well. I wanted to sustain my pace, keep it down over the full distance. I'm hoping if I can keep it down for 3, maybe I can do it for 5. In the end, I did over 3 miles, so I completed a 5K! And I did it with just 5 seconds more per mile. I call that a success.

The Stats

Time: 46:59 mins (workout), 1:03:57 (total)
Distance: 3.27 miles (workout), 3.92 miles (total)
Average Speed: 4.17 mph
Average Pace: 14:22 min / mile


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