Apr 23, 2013

Training Day 11 - Unwritten Workout Rule

Today was Tuesday which means gym day. I was ready to work on my cardio to get ready for my race this weekend. I figured I could push harder today because it's far enough out. I may go slightly easier on Thursday. But then again, the race isn't until Sunday, so we'll see.


Rocky vs Thunderlips
Yep, more Hulk.
I pulled up my music as usually, same songs that were download as last week, hit the shuffle and got started. I did start it off with Eye of the Tiger, because, you just need to. You have to play it during some workout. It's like a law or an unwritten rule or maybe written-rule-but-not-quite-law-so-you-don't-have-to-but-still-should sort of thing. But I digress. I tried to keep a good pace. Not pushing myself too hard to tire out too early, but keeping a good pace. I didn't have any real goal in mind. I wanted to beat the distance from last week, but wasn't trying to stress too much over it.

In the end, I was able to push past 4 miles in 30 minutes. Just barely, but I did. That's what matters. I got a later start to my exercising, but still got wrapped up and up to work by my normal time. I need to start eating something before I leave in the morning though. I was reading some of the nutrition tips from Tara Gidus and she was saying how you should always eat something before a run, even in the morning, because otherwise you may overeat afterwards because you'll be so hungry. She talks about that you'll consume more than you worked off because of this and it can be detrimental to any weight loss. As I read that I thought, "Well, that was exactly me this morning." I had a bunch to eat after working out, and more than I even normally do after working out at the gym in the morning. I was just really hungry afterwards, which the oatmeal and granola bar didn't fill up. Well, guess that was a clear message. Grab something before you leave the house.

The Stats

Time: 30:00 mins (workout)
Distance: 4.15 miles (workout)
Average Speed: 8.3 mph
Average Pace: 7:13 min / mile


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