Apr 25, 2013

Training Day 12 - Lunch Time Running

My schedule was thrown off again this week for my Thursday run. I got up early to get on the computer. The plan was work for a bit then, after Sam wakes up, help get her off to daycare, then go out for my run. I was up and on the computer early enough, that no time would be lost, and when my run was finished it would equal out the early vs run time. My Thursdays are usually clear until 11:30, so no problems there. However, and interesting happened this week, I became my team's scrummaster this week. I won't bore you on the details, save its a position for our 6 man team to help with the agile development process. It's a good thing. Added responsibility, added work, but a good career item. Also helping me make my mark early on in the company, but I digress. The point is this morning, I had a new item on my calendar, a meeting every Thursday at 8:30 am. Well isn't that just a monkey wrench. I wasn't ready to today, but I guess I'll just switch to running first when I get up early and then start at my normal time again from home. Today, I wasn't ready for that, so my run got pushed until lunch time.

The Run

stats from endomondo
Today is my last "prep day" before my race this weekend. I didn't want to push too hard, but needed to get a good reaffirmation that I'll be ok this weekend. I ran Burke Centre Parkway again, putting in my half hour going up and back on what will be a portion of the course. I did alright. I didn't have my head really in it. I was a little hungry, since my schedule was all thrown off. Between that and just not really concentrating out there, my pace was slowed down. I was still under 15 min / mile, which is what I need for the race, but I had much less wiggle room today. Hopefully, I was just getting that out of my system before the weekend.

The Stats

Time: 31:13 mins (workout), 44:23 (total)
Distance: 2.12 miles (workout), 3.69 miles (total)
Average Speed: 4.07 mph
Average Pace: 14:44 min / mile


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