Apr 11, 2013

Training Day 6 - Morning Run

Today was a work from home day so I was able to get in a morning run. I haven't officially started the training plan for the half marathon. I plan to start that next week. I was however to at least partial comply with it. The plan consists of two maintenance runs during the week of a half hour and then the longer run on the weekend. So, today I shot to have a maintenance run of a half hour.

Tricky Tracking

I've come up with a new tricky tracking plan. I'm using my phone with GPS to track how far I go and long I run. The problem I have is warm up and cool down vs the actual run. I want to know the full distance I go overall, but I want to know my pace for my actual work out and the distance I cover there. I found a solution that will give me just what I want. First, when I go to start my warmup, I start recording on My Tracks from Google. That will give me my total distance and time. After I get through the warm up and I'm ready to start my run, I press play on Endomondo to start recording my workout. This allows me to get updates on my progress as I run. When I finish the run of my workout, I stop Endomondo and continue my cool down walk. When my cool down is finished, I stop My Tracks. Just like that, I have all the information I wanted between the two applications. It worked out wonderfully this morning.

The Run

For my run, I tried to do the run / walk tactic from Jeff Galloway's plan. I didn't set a custom interval up, so I tried to count it my head. Yeah, didn't work out great. I tried to go 30 / 30, but when I ran I think I counted faster and when I walked, I counted slower, so it was probably more 20 / 40. Then there was when my mind gets distracted and I forget where I was in my counting. So, didn't really work ideally. The strategy did help though. I ran 2 miles in just over 30 minutes, getting a 15:14 pace. The half marathon needs to be under 16, and they recommend a 15 minute pace to give time for bathroom breaks and photo opportunities. Granted, 2 miles isn't 13 miles, but it's a start. In addition, I wasn't as tired this time at the end, so I could have run longer. I stopped however because I was trying to stick to the 30 minutes. Overall, I felt good coming out of the workout, which made me so happy. It's already giving me confidence over getting in shape.

The Stats

Time: 31:15 mins (workout), 46:19 (total)
Distance: 2.05 miles (workout), 2.70 miles (total)
Average Speed: 3.94 mph
Average Pace: 15:14 min / mile


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