Oct 15, 2013

(Non-) Progress Update

Lately hasn't been a very good time for my training. In fact, it's been completely lacking. I haven't written my round up for last week, because I didn't do anything. I may not bother to write it, but I wanted to at least provide some sort of update. I have a draft post or two that I'll look to get out soon. My content here has been lacking lately.

Any way, why haven't I been training. Last week ended up being a washout. Tuesday was raining, so I took it as an easy excuse to push my run to another day, thinking of just putting on the shift again. Not a good thing to do, but at the time, no ill intent. I'm not proud of myself taking the easy way out, but I did intend to run that week. However, it decided to keep raining the rest of the week... and the weekend. I ended up not running my other training sessions, because of the rain. I reasoned, with the rain and the cooler temperatures, I did not want to risk getting sick. The reason being my wife is going to be traveling this week into next week, so I couldn't be sick when it'd be just Daddy and daughter time. That was less easy way out and more legitimate reason. Now, if I had run, would I have gotten sick? Probably not. Did I hedge my bets on the easier side? Yes. If I had gotten sick on Thursday, would I have been healthy again in time? Most likely. Could I have squeezed in a run Sunday when the rain was more misty and been ok? Yeah, probably. But I didn't.

The important thing though is it's in the past and I can't change that. In the words of Pumba
you need to put your behind in your past.
The point of this post wasn't to dwell on it, but to be honest about it and share it. Part of this blog was to make myself write and be accountable, so I'm being true to that. It was not a good week for me, and that's hard because it was after training was starting to get pretty good for me again.

Then there's this week. This is a week I knew wouldn't be very good for my training going in. With my wife gone, obviously running before my daughter wakes up or after she goes to bed doesn't work by myself. With no gym at work yet (still not in our new offices that have one), I'm pretty much s.o.l. So at least today's run should have been ok. However yesterday, I was home playing around and running around on the carpet in the afternoon, since daycare was closed, after which my knee was sore. In a specific spot and down around a little bit on the side. Not a good feeling, in a spot where a ligament is. I don't mean I think it's anything serious. I think I just strained or pulled something a little. By the time I went to bed it was hurting down the side all the way down. Still feels that way now in the morning. So no morning run. We'll see if we feel any better by tonight. I'm trying to be hopeful though I'm not sure I believe it will feel better.  I'm going to need to find some alternative stuff this week to do to at least feel a little good about myself. Just making for a down two weeks of training. Couple that with the continued barely progress, up-and-downs of my weight and you get not a high point right now.

What have you done to pull yourself out of some down times in your trainings?


  1. Where exactly was that pain you described? Left leg or right leg? Inside the knee or outside? I asked because I experienced some knee discomfort a couple of weeks ago as well and, if it's in the same general area, I may have some suggestions to offer.

    1. Right leg. Outside of knee. Down the outside of my shin most of the way.

      Suggestions welcomed.