Jan 6, 2014

Costume (Kinda) Preview

For any of you that follow runDisney events, this will be no surprise to you. For anyone else reading this, costumes at runDisney races are kind of a big deal. Very much so in fact. They range from character inspired running outfits to full on cosplay and everywhere in between. I'll be running two race at WDW Marathon weekend in January, and with that, I have two plans. For the half marathon,  I'll be erroring on the safe side and going the more "inspired" route. Pictures for that will follow.

For the 5K, I'm going to be more brave and go all out with my outfit. My thought is that it's an untimed 3 mile race, so it has a little more room for error if it is at all a little awkward. My costume will be part of a group effort as well. I'm not going to share the actual costume at this time. I'll save that reveal when we're all together. 

What I will share with you is a portion I started working on back in early November. It's taken some will power at times to keep it this long, but the payoff will be worth it. I'm not normally so rustic looking, but it's a piece of the proverbial puzzle.

Ok. So I know that's not a preview of my actual costume but still can give hints as to who I will be.

And besides... tomorrow is travel day!

Additional note: Following the 5K will be a trip to the barber for a shave and hair cut. Back to clean by Thursday afternoon. I will not be keeping this.


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