Jan 2, 2014

New Balance runDisney Shoes Unveiled

So there has been plenty of "leaked" information (read: partial information) about the upcoming New Balance Disney running shoes that would come out at the expo this year. Last year they launched a Mickey and a Minnie inspired version of their running shoes exclusively available at the Marathon Weekend Expo. They were more than just a little success. They sold out extremely quickly to LONG lines (I have read). So of course, as you would expect, they would make a return.

New Balance has a partnership with runDisney which is paying off. They are releasing a Mickey Men's and Minnie Women's inspired versions of the 860 v4, similar to last year that provides more support. New Balance has listened to the runners and is releasing more versions of their shoes. In addition, they are releasing a Goofy Men's and Cinderella Women's editions of the 890 v4, which is giving a more neutral shoe. This gives runners with different needs in the shoes options to get a Disney based shoe.

Personally, I love the Goofy shoe, and not just because Goofy has always been my favorite. I really like the colors that go with it. My current shoe is the Asics Gel Kayano 19, which provides me more support, so I am likely going to need 860 even though I'd prefer the 890. My plan is to go to the Expo, get my appointment to meet with them, and try them anyway. No harm in trying. In the end, I'll get what will work for me. I'm not going to drop $120 on shoes I can't wear. And Sorcerer Mickey ain't so bad.

And for a more detailed look, watch this.

Image credits: washingtontimes.com


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