Feb 25, 2014

Runners Assemble! #SmashTheHalf

So the suspicions were right. The announcement from runDisney was for a new race weekend, the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. The inaugural races will be held November 15th and 16th this year. This adds another race to the west coast, which was really needed. An Avengers (Marvel) themed race makes sense, because they're hot right now and frankly, super heroes don't go out of style. Seeing as Disney owns Marvel, I like their use for this. Placing it in Disneyland makes sense as well for two reasons. First, they're lacking in races by a score of 2 weekends to 5 weekends. Second, obviously there are the issues with Universal's rights to Marvel in theme parks east of the Mississippi (I sound like Bob Uecker making a call in Major League). The race weekend will include two races, a 5K and Half Marathon as well as kids races.

Check out the announcement video here, or the runDisney blog for some more information.

I won't be making the trip, because a cross country trip would be Hulk Smash to my budget, but I encourage you to go if you can.

If you're on the fence about running a race, what better way than with the help of some super heroes?

Image credit: marvel


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