Apr 22, 2014

Registration Day: WDW Marathon Weekend

It's here. Registration day for WDW Marathon Weekend. I think it's going to be a quick one this year. This year is the 10th anniversary of the Goofy Challenge. Anniversary years are alway big. They also always include a special medal design.
10th Anniversary Goofy Challenge Medal
I absolutely love this one. Being a huge Goofy fan, I had hoped to run the Goofy Challenge this year, to push myself and to earn some sweet Goofy bling. However, financially can't swing the trip with everything else this year and next. Need to save where I can. I looked into some charities, but still couldn't pull the trigger on any of them either. I encourage you to look into them if you're interested. They list them on the runDisney page under the registration page.

Registration opens at noon, and I wouldn't suggest waiting. Have an active.com account ready to go and know your password / already be logged in, since runDisney uses them for registration purposes.

I know some people who will be running, so why not join them? You know you want to...

Update (1pm): One hour in and Dopey is at 80%, 10K at 70%, Half at 60%, 5K at 60%, full and surprisingly Goofy not showing yet. I guess the hit that Dopey was, people are thinking, why not add the 2 more races because you still get Goofy that way.

Update (2:20pm): 10K is gone! Dopey and 5K at 90%. Half at 70%. Now's the time if you want 6 medals in 4 days.

Update (4pm): 5K, 10K and Dopey are all sold out. Half is up to 85% and full is at 50%. Goofy isn't showing yet, which means it is under 50%, but may grow now that Dopey is gone.

Update (24hrs): 5K, 10K, Half and Dopey are sold out. Full Marathon is 50% and Goofy is < 50% and kids races are still available. Still time to get the 10th anniversary medal.

Image credit: rundisney.com


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