Apr 24, 2014

(A Little Over) 1 Year Anniversary

I came to a sudden realization while watching the Walt Disney World Marathon selling out various races. When this occurred last year, I took the leap and signed up for my first half marathon. That also meant I had just recently started this blog!

I wrote my first post on March 20, under a different blog name. At the time, my blog was simply for myself to write in while I tried to lose weight to keep me accountable. Then suddenly, a couple conversations and a snowball rolling down a hill later I had signed up for the half marathon and considered myself "officially crazy" on April 6th. A few weeks later, I ran my first race ever, the Rockstar 8K and exceeded all expectations I had for myself. I'd follow that up with a 10K, a name change for the blog, a 14 mile run at the beach and finally my first half marathon, in the magical Walt Disney World.

After setting out, I've written 85 posts, run 6 races and 231 miles to get to where I am today. I am happy with my journey so far. I've accomplished things I've set out to do, missed some other marks but have gotten back up and done it again. I'm healthier than I was a year ago. I've lost some weight, but not all that I would have liked. I'm eating better too (most of the time). I've smashed goals and I'm setting new ones.

With passing the one year mark, I want to keep growing this blog, so I'm setting out to add to it. The first thing you may have already noticed is my own domain name, still the name rungeekrundisney, just now its own dot com. While I've been doing all the sharing through my personal accounts, I'm setting up social media just for the blog. You can start by following my new twitter handle @rgrdisney. There's not much there yet, but there will be. I might add an Instagram and maybe even a Facebook page, who knows. In the coming weeks, you should be seeing a new design on here as well. I'm finally going to get around to changing the design as I've been wanting to for a while... just as soon as I get to making the graphics I intend to.

I look forward to continue writing. I look forward to continue running. I hope you've enjoyed my blog so far and there's plenty more to come.


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