Mar 20, 2013

Obligatory Intro Post

Well, here is the the obligatory "what's this blog about" post.

What is this blog?

Cartoon T-Rex
I don't care if you have a big head
and little arms, get in shape!
This is my blog about getting myself in shape. Or at least the my attempt to. I thought maybe having the blog and updating my progress on it will help me to keep making progress. The name is a blunt message from me to me. It's not necessarily a how to get "your" ass in shape, but at least my attempts. Hopefully it will work, in which case you can feel free to use those parts as tips.

Where am I starting at?

So, I'm not really happy where I'm at weight wise. I'm pretty high up. I've topped out around 270 lately. So that will be my starting point.

Why am I losing weight?

What's my inspiration, my driving power I'm using to lose weight. There are several overriding items.
  • For Samantha
    • As my little baby girl gets older, I really need to be setting a better example for her. Eating right, exercising and being overall healthy is the example I want to set.
  • For Stephanie and Samantha
    • I want to be around for the both of them for a long time. I need to be healthy to accomplish that.
  • For Me (and that damn machine)
    • I currently have to use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Since the day I started it, I wanted to get rid of it. I don't like having to use it every night and take it with me when I travel. I'm used to it, but I don't like it. I want to lose the weight to rid myself of the sleep apnea. (My dad does have sleep apnea too, so it could be genetic, but the most likely cause is my weight.)
  • To be happier... 
    • I'm not unhappy with me, mind you. I just would be happier looking into the mirror at a thinner me. Some days, it does really bother me, but not like perpetually or anything. I am happy being me.
  • ... and healthier
    • When I lost weight before the wedding, I just felt so much better when I was so much healthier.

So, there's your basic intro. Coming soon: the challenges I face against my weight loss, my goals and my plan.


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