Mar 31, 2013

First Blank Week

Well, looks like I just had my first blank week. Didn't get to the gym at all last week. Just forgot on the normal day and never made it up. So that's no good. I think I did mostly ok on the food / snack front though. Not great, but better than the week before, so that's got to count for something. I did do a longer than normal walk with Steph and Sam in her wagon yesterday. Forgot to hit record at the beginning, so don't know how long it was in total. Important part was the weather was beautiful and we all had fun. And something is always better than nothing.

I'm looking to step it up this week to two times. The first will be in the gym. Depending on the weather and schedule this week, I may try and do an outside run. I'm ok on the elliptical, but I want to get a reading on where I stand on regular feet-to-the-pavement running. That way I have a better feel of how far I need to go to get 5K ready.

In addition, I'm toying with the possibility of running a half marathon in January. And not just any half, the Disney Half Marathon. That is the one I have said I want to someday run. My wife brought up the idea, because I'd have someone to do it with, our friend (her friend from back home) Dave. This way, I'd have someone to help keep me motivated in training. Plus, having a set date gives me a timeframe to stick to. Couple that with it being my 30th birthday in January, and you have a built in excuse for going, because I wanted to go somewhere / do something special, so Disney always works (we're both huge Disney fans). I say toying with because I have to 100% convince myself I can do it. I know I have enough time to do it, I just need to believe in myself more than I traditionally do. So, I'm going to start looking into plans / training regiments to get me ready. I need to do my research to prepare mentally. There's a running shop actually right near the house, so I'm sure I can get some advice there and can invest in a really good pair of shoes when I start getting to longer distances. I do know that much is important. And then, if I keep myself working out and get in better shape, that will help with the confidence. That, and the support I know at least my wife will give me on the way. She's good like that.


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