May 27, 2014

Star Wars is Coming! #LetTheWookieeWin


The folks at runDisney have announced their latest edition to the runDisney calendar. Like the Avengers, the theme is a doozie: Star Wars Half Marathon weekend. The race weekend will take place January 15 - 18, filling the slot vacated when Tinkerbell Half moved to May. The weekend includes a full slate of races: half marathon, 10K, 5K and kids races. Also included is a challenge for the 10K and half in the Rebel Challenge. The only slightly disappointing part is their all just Star Wars Half, Star Wars 10..., no sub-theming (minor complaint). I suggest checking out the official site and the runDisney blog for the full information.

I absolutely love the theme. I'm a big Star Wars fan, and just an all around geek. On a personal level though, I'm a little disappointed it's on the west coast. I won't rehash the conversations going on everywhere too badly though. I knew they would replace Tink's spot with another race. I was fine with this as well. Until the Avengers Half was added, the west coast was sorely lacking in races compared to Florida. I'm just disappointed that both more "geek" themed races are in California. As I mention below, I felt a balance would be good to have. I wonder if when planning to add races to Disneyland if these were just the first 2 / best ideas they had, so California got them both. Now oddly enough, while Disney World outnumbers Disneyland 5 to 4 in race weekends, Disneyland has more Coast-to-Coast eligible races (half marathon or more) by 4 to 3.


The below is my original post from just after the teaser was added, with some updates. I wrote this before knowing they would do their quick turn around to an actual announcement in the same day.

UPDATE: runDisney tweeted the dates: January 15 - 18, which means it will be in Disneyland. Sad me.

I mentioned this back at the Avenger's announcement, but a Star Wars race is officially coming! You can check out the runDisney Facebook page for the teaser video, or below (from YouTube)

Now, the only remaining question is where. Early rumors were Avengers in Cali and Star Wars in Florida. There has been some recent rumors about it being in January in Cali, because Tink is moving to May and Disney kept the permits for the race weekend, as well has posted as Project Dodger Half Marathon weekend for the dates on (the page is no longer live). I think "of course they're going to keep it and put a new race there". That part is not a surprise It (unfortunately) does fits for registration lead time.

I still think (maybe fueled by a new hope) that it will be in Florida. It keeps with runDisney pairing coast to coast. There is both a female themed race in both Cali (Tinkerbell Half) and Florida (Princess Half). This would give a good pairing of Avengers on the West Coast and Star Wars on the East. Plus, it would pair well with Star Wars weekends that occur in May at MGM Hollywood Studios. And, if it is in Florida, I could start trying to be perfect for a race.

Also fantastic, this video on Instagram. We now know it will be 6.8E-13 parsecs race.

And remember, #LetTheWookieeWin


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  2. Glad to see that Run Disney has listened to its fans and finally added a Star wars race. We are not Star Wars fans but are happy for those who are!

    1. Yeah. I like the expansion of races. Makes it easier to get to run one sometime during the year by giving more options. And Star Wars is obviously a theme that won't exactly go stale either.